April 2013

Your Guests Can Ruin Your Wedding Photos

We all know a wedding is a momentous occasion. A day that should be photographed and captured on video to relive those memories for years to come. To ensure their memories last a lifetime, couples are hiring the best photographers & videographers to capture their wedding day.

The fee of an experienced and popular wedding photographer normally takes about 10 – 20% out of the full wedding budget, sometimes even more. Point being, the couple are spending a lot of money to have a professional photographer and videographer capture their day.

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Charlene & Jacques Paint Fight Couple Shoot

Have you ever seen a couple more in love than these two?

I love it when you can just see love and fun ooze out of every little gesture and joke between a couple.

I had the absolute pleasure of having Charlene & Jacques in front of my lens. I was so excited to see the end result that after the shoot, I just had to download the photo’s to get a glimpse of what turned out to be one fun and awesome experience, not just for them, but for me too!

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13 Must-see Wedding Veil Ideas

Everyone that knows me, will surely know about my love affair with wedding veils.

The moment a bride puts on her veil, it gets real! The feeling of “I am a bride” suddenly hits when she sees the people around her through the thin material.

I have seen so many brides being cool & calm during the preparation part, even when she is already in her dress, emotions are at bay, but the moment the veil is added to the attire, the mood suddenly changes, suddenly the emotions are running high and the “look” just seems complete.

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Adriaan & Rouvierre Wedding ~ Solms Delta Franschoek

When Rouvierre & Adriaan asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was over the moon!!

I know the two of them for a few years and watching them tie the knot after many years together was special….and getting to capture their love was the cherry on top!

Rouvierre really is a remarkable woman, someone you will be lucky to have in your life. She oozes confidence and calmness and she is loved dearly by all who knows her.

To describe Adriaan, will have to be the naughty schoolboy, who loves rugby and has a permanent smile on his face. Adriaan value’s his friendships and most of his friends has been in his life for many years, some of them since school days.

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Chris & Elize Wedding Edenheim Paarl

All I can say is wow.

When I first met with Mujeanne (Chris’s daugther) little did I know how much fun I will have at her fathers wedding.

I first met Chris & Elize about 2 months ago, and from the moment we met, I knew that this was going to be a treat. These two are two amazing people.

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Stoman Family Shoot – Stellenbosch Winelands

Meet the Stoman Family.

Almost 3 years ago I had the privilege of photographing this lovely family when Ellie was still only a few months old (How gorgeous is this little girl)

This week, I was over the moon to have them in front of the camera again, this time with their newest edition to the family, their gorgeous boy Jonty.

It was so much fun running after Ellie, who seems to have discovered a love for tree climbing 😉 Also seems like Jonty prefers licking flowers more to smelling them, which really was fun to watch (guess they don’t taste as well as they smell)

Penny & Stomie, thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family. You truly are blessed.

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11 Ways To Make The Grooms Day More Special

With women and weddings, hysterical shrieks of excitement are the norm – we’re all about planning to the point of perfection, pretty dresses, dainty shoes, romantic music, movie star make-up and misty eyed declarations of love…it’s a thing. For most guys though, and let’s be honest, they’re most likely just looking forward to hopping into the marital bed. Because weddings are traditionally geared towards female pampering and indulgence you can’t blame a guy for occasionally feeling left out so, if you think your groom might be in need of some special treatment, here’s some ideas to ensure he has just as much fun as you…

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Strandkombuis Wedding Venue Yzerfontein

If you plan a beach wedding in Cape Town, chances are you have already seen or know about the gorgeous wedding venue in Yzerfontein, called Strandkombuis.

When a bridal couple sets their mind on having a beach wedding, a lot of questions goes through their mind. Will the weather play along, how do I have a party on the beach etc.

To give some more insight on what you can expect if you choose Strandkombuis as your wedding venue, I asked Mardi from Strandkombuis to answer a few questions.

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How To Take Awesome Honeymoon Photo’s

Hiring a good photographer for your wedding means you’re almost guaranteed to look sublime in all your shots – fact. Heading off on honeymoon with nothing but self-timer and your trusty pocket camera means some of your pictures might end up looking like an unsavory mug shot – also a fact. It’s totally okay though, it happens to everyone, which is why I decided to compile some advice on how to get the most out of your honeymoon pictures.

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Val De Vie Wedding Venue Franschhoek

When you read the wedding invitation and next to venue it says: Val De Vie, you know you are in for a treat.

Val de Vie is known for it’s glamour, exquisite taste in decor & food and the fact that they pay extra attention to the overall guest experience.

For any future bride who has ever set foot on the Val de Vie grounds, or have taken a tour, you cant help but have this venue on your wishlist to add to the fairy tale dream wedding experience.

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