July 2013

Vuyo & Ayanda ~ Vow Renewal {Constantia Uitsig}

Where to begin? I was contacted by this lovely couple, Vuyo & Ayanda, who after 10 years of marriage wanted to renew their wedding vows at the beautiful Constantia Uitsig.

Vuyo and Ayanda has two little boys who played a big part in the proceedings and they were just as excited to get it started as their parents.

The weather did not play along, as Cape Town was hit by a rain storm, however this did not put a damper on the excitement. Ayanda & Vuyo’s vow’s were so personal and special that there was a a few times I had to wipe a tear.

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Little Dreamer {Children Photography}

Once there was a little dreamer…

Photographing children is something very different, as unlike adults, they can not/will not fake happy! {you can bride, sing, clap your hands or stand on your head if you want}, if they are not having it, there is nothing you can do. When you photograph children, you get their true feelings, happy, sad, “in the middle of a tantrum” or just plain content. Children photography is not always easy, but has great rewards!

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Lee & Jill {Wedding at Houw Hoek Inn}

Lee & Jill are the loveliest couple you will have the privilege of meeting. They are vibrant, totally in love and always up for a good joke.

The wedding took place at Houw Hoek Inn, which has always been a favorite wedding venue of mine, the photo opportunities are endless, the staff is friendly and helpful, and there is just always a peaceful vibe. The weather was fantastic, and Cape Town, once again delivered a beautiful winter wedding!

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Tintswalo Atlantic ~ Exclusive Wedding Venue

When you are looking for one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Cape Town, look no further than the Tintswalo Atlantic. It has breathtaking views, 5-star service and definitely one of the most sought after intimate wedding venues.

Tintswalo Atlantic is nestled at the base of the breath-taking Chapman’s Peak, within the Greater Table Mountain National Park, it is the only lodge on the water’s edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  With unsurpassed views, Tintswalo Atlantic provides a unique and romantic setting and offers guests the opportunity to experience absolute tranquillity while enjoying our understated elegance and style. They have won a Tripadvisor ‘Best Service’ Award as well as CNBC Africa, Best Boutique Hotel in South Africa. So rest assured, you really are in for a treat.

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Apps To Help You Plan The Perfect Wedding [Infographic]

With technology advancing rapidly, even the task of planning a wedding is being made easier and simpler by apps, specially designed to help you keep track of your budget, find the perfect dress, get inspired and create a to do list. Some supply a time frame which alerts you to when you need to book what…like the wedding photographer, entertainment, venue etc, some even let you create seating charts, send invites and much more. By utilizing these apps, planning your wedding will definitely be made easier.

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My Wedding Wishlist ~ From The Photographers Point of View

For me the beauty of weddings are the fact that it is so diverse. There are so many ways of getting married, different styles of wedding dresses, venues, accessories etc, that almost no wedding can ever look exactly the same. It keeps me interested and keeps my job fun!

As a wedding photographer, you get so see so many different aspects of a wedding, and believe me I find something beautiful in every wedding I photograph.

However, as with everybody else, I have my favorite things about a wedding. Things that might be a little different, or maybe just elements that makes my the images stand out, or something that gives them an edge.

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