August 2013

Snow Mountains Styled Bride {Stellenbosch}

So like all the other Capetonians today, I was totally mesmerized with the snowfall we experienced last night. {Something we don’t often experience in this magnitude in Cape Town}

So as I was driving this morning, seeing the beautiful snowfall on the mountains, the idea of doing a quick shoot (and yes it had to be quick since it was rainy and cold and really miserable) showcasing the mountain tops covered with snow was fueled by another friend and bride Wendi (view her wedding in CapeTown) told me that it really was a magnificent view!

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Wedding Song Suggestions: When to play What

There is so many beautiful songs to play during the entire wedding day. However sometimes we don’t know what will fit where etc. Here is a list of a few songs to give ideas of point you in the direction of the perfect songs for the perfect moment on your wedding day.

If you have any other suggestions, or want to have your wedding songs included in this list please leave your suggestions in the comment box underneath!

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Reza & Natasha – Cape Town Wedding {Pigalle Restaurant}

When I first met Reza & Natasha I was super excited to have been chosen for their special day.

It is at times like this, when you meet people like these two, that I really love to be a wedding photographer. Since you can not help but feel like you know them for years. They radiate warmth and love! ~ Who does not want to capture that!?

They truly are a fun couple, best friends and always up for a laugh or a joke.

Being part of their special day, was so much fun. Apart from Cape Town weather being miserable and rainy, they were very brave and the photo shoot took place although it was raining throughout.

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Hennie & Mercia ~ Campsbay Engagement Shoot

Meet Mercia & Hennie, all the way from Carltonville. These two were so much fun to photograph.

They are planning their wedding in Cape Town next year,{can not wait} and for their engagement shoot they have picked the majestic Camps Bay as the setting.

The weather {which was absolutely dreadful for a few days before the shoot} cleared up to have absolutely no wind, no clouds or even a hint of the storm that has passed just a day or two before.

Although shooting mid-day does present itself with a few challenges, I am super happy with the result!

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Ways to have the Mother of the Bride be part of your wedding ceremony/reception

Sometimes I get the feeling that mom’s are a bit neglected on the wedding day of their kids.Dad gets to bring the bride into the church, there is also the very popular father & daughter dance at the reception.

My feeling is, Mom’s play such a big role in the upbringing of their kids, and most of us are blessed with a mom that will be there for you no matter what. Why not make mom part of your wedding day. There are so many little ways to do this, that will mean the world to her and make her feel special. Here is how:

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Glamour Shoot

I had the privilege to photograph Sue Duminy & a few gorgeous ladies at the beautiful Val De Vie.

Enter room, and you are surrounded by glamour, make-up, designer dresses and beautiful ladies. What more can a photographer ask for?

It truly was such a lovely day! Any girl’s dream day!

Without giving too much away, please allow me to share a few images that was taken on the day.

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Tokara ~ One of Cape Town’s top wedding venues.

Stellenbosch/Franschoek is one of the most beautiful places to have your wedding take place.You are surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery, 5 star cuisine and award winning wines.

Tokara is one of the best locations to get the best of the best, all under one roof.

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