September 2013

Matric Farewell: René Oosthuizen

It is that time of year where every high school in South Africa is having their Matric Farewell. I am very lucky to be part of some of these young people’s special occasions.

This shoot was very special, since it is was my cousin’s turn to have her Matric Farewell. René looked beautiful and although the weather was incredibly cold, they braved the weather to pose for a few photographs before their big entrance.

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Jani & Jaco Matric Farewell {Hidden Valley}

I love this time of year, Matric Farewell season (Prom) is in full swing and I just love to see the gorgeous young couples and breathtakingly beautiful dresses.

This is the 2nd time this young couple has been photographed by me. Exactly one year ago it was Jaco’s matric farewell and I had the pleasure to have these two in front of my lens.

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Spring Blossoms Styled Shoot

This is the second shoot I have done in the past few weeks that absolutely was not planned at all.

Cape Town weather is downright miserable and very far removed from the typical spring weather one is expecting. So on Wednesday morning I decided that before the next storm hits Cape Town, I want to shoot in the blossoms.

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Wedding Invites with a Difference

Wedding Invitations are a great way to set the tone for your wedding. You can be creative, incorporate fun elements or set the theme for the wedding. Remember this is the first thing your guests will experience in regards to your wedding, so be sure to use this opportunity to get them excited about your upcoming nuptials.

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Chris & Donia Engagement Shoot {Muizenberg Beach}

Allow me to introduce to you the fun, crazy, gorgeous and up for anything Chris & Donia!

I really had a huge problem when I finished editing this shoot, since I LOVED every single image so much I had to post most of them. (prepare yourself for quite almost 100 images)

Hopefully after looking at them all, you will know why I could not resist it!

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Jeanne & Rohan Engagement Shoot {Campsbay Beach}

Flashback Wednesday!!

Jeanne & Rohan got married at the beautiful Houw Hoek Inn

A few months before the wedding we took to the beautiful Cape Town to shoot their engagement shoot on one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous beach strips you can find.

This is one of my favorite shoots, and I just loved the random dog that decided to take part in the shoot!

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Characteristics of Photographers

Being a wedding photographer or any kind of photographer for that  matter forces you to see the world in a different way, you can not help it! You seek beauty in places that on first glance looks dull, you see color where everything seems grey and you look for details that might easily be overseen by others.

The journey to that perfect image takes you on weird, wonderful and sometimes dangerous routes…all made worth it when you get the image you want.

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The Problem with Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest, and when I say I love it I mean I reeaaalllly love it! I can get lost looking at gorgeous images, ideas and inspiration for hours on end.

However as a wedding photographer, Pinterest has presented itself with a few issues.

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