December 2013

Gavin & Shirlene – {Del Vera Wedding}

Shirlene & Gavin tied the knot on a lovely summers day on Del Vera Wine Farm.

The day was filled with excitement, love and everybody had a blast.

Shirlene was the very first bride that had 2 wedding dresses and 3 pairs of shoes 😉 She looked breathtakingly beautiful and Gavin made a dashing groom!

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Chris & Donia ~ Beloftebos {Stanford}

From the moment you meet Chris & Donia you can not help but see there is something really special about the two of them.

They are head over heels in love! I mean the kind of love that knocks your socks off and really make you believe in “that” kind of love!

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Getting married Abroad? Here’s what you need to know…

We all want to be different in our own special way – so why should our weddings not fall under the same category. An exotic ceremony in a foreign country is always a “brow lifter” What better way to make your guests “ooh” and “aah” than a scenic wedding in Tuscany, Italy or Bali, just to name a view.

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Once upon-a-time there was a beautiful banquet hall, filled with expensive china, chirping birds and happy little self-confidant bridesmaids. On one unfortunate day a ferocious creature entered the banquet hall bringing everything and everyone to turmoil and tears. The creature was later identified as: “Bridezilla”.

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