Eloise & Kyle is getting married next year and to celebrate their engagement we took to Clifton Beach in Cape Town for their engagement shoot.

There was so much laughter while we were busy shooting that I can not wait for their wedding as I know it will be a blast!

K&E_0001 K&E_0002 K&E_0003 K&E_0004 K&E_0005 K&E_0006 K&E_0007 K&E_0008 K&E_0009 K&E_0010 K&E_0011 K&E_0012 K&E_0013 K&E_0014 K&E_0015 K&E_0016 K&E_0017 K&E_0018 K&E_0019 K&E_0020 K&E_0021 K&E_0022 K&E_0023 K&E_0024 K&E_0025 K&E_0026 K&E_0027 K&E_0028 K&E_0029 K&E_0030 K&E_0031 K&E_0032 K&E_0033 K&E_0034 K&E_0035 K&E_0036 K&E_0037 K&E_0038