What a privilege it was to be part of such an amazing couple’s wedding.

Shani & Craig decided on a destination wedding in Venice and they could not have made a better choice in wedding location.

These two are very adventurous in nature and their energy is contagious. Having amazing chemistry with them, we had a blast firstly doing their Cape Town Sunrise Engagement Shoot, and now their beautiful wedding in Venice.

The wedding ceremony took place on an intimate hotel balcony overlooking the Grand Canal, after which the wedding reception was at the lavish Bauer Hotel.

What will a wedding in Venice be without a romantic Gondola ride, and that is exactly what we did straight after the wedding ceremony. These two basically had a Gondola as their wedding transport to the hotel, how cool is that!

Venice is any photographer’s dream and being able to photograph & video a wedding there was a dream come true and a career highlight for sure.

Here is a small sneak peek into their special day. Keep an eye out for their Video at the bottom.

Assistant/2nd Shooter: Jorinda Louw

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