James & Virginija – Surprise Beach Proposal


This will most probably be the sweetest thing you will see today!

James & Virginija came to Cape Town from Johannesburg for a mini break and James decided that he was going to ask Virginija to marry him.

He did not want her to know anything and together James & I planned and executed the perfect surprise proposal.

Virginija was taken completely by surprise by this “friendly” stranger photographer lady who just wants to take a few images of a beautiful couple.

Fast forward 5min into their “shoot” and James went down on bended knee…

What followed was surprise, tears and loads of smiles!

These two are incredibly and deeply in love and I wish them the very best for the future!

K&J_0001 K&J_0002 K&J_0003 K&J_0004 K&J_0005 K&J_0006 K&J_0007 K&J_0008 K&J_0009 K&J_0010 K&J_0011 K&J_0012 K&J_0013 K&J_0014 K&J_0015 K&J_0016 K&J_0017 K&J_0018 K&J_0019 K&J_0020 K&J_0021 K&J_0022 K&J_0023 K&J_0024 K&J_0025 K&J_0026 K&J_0027 K&J_0031 K&J_0028 K&J_0029 K&J_0030 K&J_0032 K&J_0033 K&J_0034 K&J_0035 K&J_0037 K&J_0038 K&J_0039 K&J_0040 K&J_0041 K&J_0042 K&J_0043 K&J_0044 K&J_0045 K&J_0036


  1. James' Family
    February 19, 2017 - Reply


    We’re super proud of our son and brother, and thrilled to be adding a woman to our family who is even more beautiful in character than she is in person!


    We love the moments and expressions you’ve captured.

    Thank you :))

  2. March 6, 2017 - Reply

    Wow Shireen, you really captured the moment will all emotion. Beautiful photos!!!

  3. Nobathwa
    March 22, 2017 - Reply

    Love is just soooo beautiful

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