Sipho & Neliswa – Bakenhof

Neliswa & Sipho tied the knot on a Summers Day in the heart of the Winelands at the picturesque Bakenhof Estate.

The celebrations was in full swing once Neliswa arrived and after the ceremony guests were treated with amazing view, great food and a gorgeous sunset.

Their union was all about family and I have come to the realisation that, that is what it is all about…family, friends and a day the no one will forget.

I wish you both the very best for the future!

2nd Shooter: Benedene Corby

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  • Wooow, what a beautiful event. Wish it can be re-done so that I can be there all over again, I had a very good time. Everything was just perfect and well planned and organized …absolutely amazing. Congratulations to the happy couple. May God Bless your marriage.

  • You guys are truly blessed what a beautiful and awesome day we had, never to be for forgotten.Everything was to perfection and you have really set a high standard to all of us who are following. Such an inspiration!!! All was well deserving for both of you. I love you dear friends and continue to be such a good example to me and Jola. Inkosi inisikelele kuyo yonke into eniyi bambayo ngezandla zenu. Love from Pinkie and Jola

  • Wedding of the century….glamorous…..wooow. Congraculations Sipho & Sima Roto.
    May God Bless you and shield you and protect your marriage.
    May you grow old nibe lixhego nexhegwazana, nigcinane.