Ramesh & Henrita ~ Taj Hotel Cape Town Wedding

Ramesh & Henrita chose to get married in the beautiful city of Cape Town at the Taj Hotel.

All the way from India, these two incredible people reminded me of just how much I loved my trip to India and how the hospitality and warmth of the people of India spills over to every country they visit.

I loved capturing their special day, and I was amazed at how brave these two were by facing the freezing waters of Camps Bay beach for some incredible photos.

I wish you two the very best going forward as a newly married couple!

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H&R_0177 H&R_0185 H&R_0194 H&R_0196 H&R_0179 H&R_0182 H&R_0190 H&R_0181 H&R_0189 H&R_0180 H&R_0203 H&R_0214 H&R_0215 H&R_0206 H&R_0208 H&R_0199 H&R_0201 H&R_0210 H&R_0219 H&R_0221 H&R_0212 H&R_0216 H&R_0207 H&R_0192 H&R_0202 H&R_0211 H&R_0195 H&R_0205 H&R_0191 H&R_0200 H&R_0186 H&R_0220 H&R_0225 H&R_0230 H&R_0213 H&R_0209 H&R_0224 H&R_0197 H&R_0193 H&R_0188 H&R_0183 H&R_0184 H&R_0240 H&R_0239 H&R_0237 H&R_0235 H&R_0234 H&R_0243 H&R_0244 H&R_0229 H&R_0227 H&R_0226 H&R_0233 H&R_0241 H&R_0232 H&R_0242 H&R_0231 H&R_0228 H&R_0223 H&R_0222 H&R_0217 H&R_0218 H&R_0204 H&R_0187 H&R_0178 H&R_0238 H&R_0236 H&R_0246 H&R_0245 H&R_0247 H&R_0249 H&R_0250 H&R_0251 H&R_0253 H&R_0176 H&R_0175 H&R_0174 H&R_0173 H&R_0172 H&R_0171

H&R_0110 H&R_0111 H&R_0112 H&R_0113 H&R_0114 H&R_0115 H&R_0116 H&R_0117 H&R_0118 H&R_0119 H&R_0120 H&R_0121 H&R_0122 H&R_0123 H&R_0124 H&R_0125 H&R_0126 H&R_0127 H&R_0128 H&R_0129 H&R_0130 H&R_0131 H&R_0132 H&R_0133 H&R_0134 H&R_0135 H&R_0136 H&R_0137 H&R_0138 H&R_0139 H&R_0140 H&R_0142 H&R_0143 H&R_0144 H&R_0145 H&R_0146 H&R_0147 H&R_0148 H&R_0149 H&R_0150 H&R_0151 H&R_0152 H&R_0153 H&R_0154 H&R_0155 H&R_0156 H&R_0157 H&R_0158 H&R_0160 H&R_0161 H&R_0162 H&R_0163 H&R_0164 H&R_0165 H&R_0167 H&R_0168 H&R_0169 H&R_0170 H&R_0159 H&R_0166

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  • Shireen,
    You are simply the best! When I spoke to you for the first time on call I got strong vibes that I have chosen the best…you are not just excellent and amazing at work but personally also you are fabulous…may you shine like a diamond always…lots of love!