Behind Me is Infinite Power. Before Me is Endless Possibility.
Around Me is Boundless Opportunity.

About Me

To be honest, photography found me 9 years ago, it snuck up on me from out of nowhere and took hold of the very essence of my creative spirit. Before I even owned a camera, I always use to try and find a creative output, I tried my hand at painting, writing and music. Turns out I am not a great painter or pianist. However photography stuck with me, and it was almost like a love affair that started with a few outings now and again, and before I knew it I was completely in love with photography and what it allowed me to do. Choosing to mainly focus on Weddings & Lifestyle Photography, allows me to dwell in my “happy place”. As cliché as it may sound, I love people, I love being creative and there is no emotion that can describe the feeling you capture a moment in time that can easily be forgotten if it was not for that image.

What’s New

A year ago I tried my hand at writing again and together with my photography I now blog at every chance I get. Life is all about trying new things, and recently I have discovered quite an interest with On-Camrea Television and Directing and will definitely venture into those areas in the near future. I also believe in empowerment, and doing styled shoots does just that. It introduces amazing service providers, ideas and location to potential brides. Together with amazing service providers we will style, create and photograph amazing inspiration.

What Inspires Me

This is not a question with one answer, since Inspiration can hit you like a ton of bricks in the middle of the night out of nowhere, or it comes in the form of images, moments in time, even the time of day, the smell in the air or the scenery. No matter how inspiration comes to me, I take full advantage of it every time.

Certain things about weddings just makes me believe in the smaller things in life and it allows me to capture emotion, something most people have conditioned themselves not to show easily. There is something special about a dad, that sheds a tear as he walks his daughter down the isle. It allows me to capture love, at the high point of it’s existence, the moment when two individual people, decides to make a forever commitment to each other.


My Team

I am lucky to have a team that supports & assists me with every wedding, shoot & project . My sister & father (Japie & Jorinda) are two amazing photographers/videographer in their own right. Japie has ventured into videography about 8 years ago and now allows me to offer videography as well with the photography packages, (with either him or one of his trusted videographers to capture the day) My sister Jorinda Louw as well as my Father Japie Louw also photograph weddings without me {in the case of me being booked} under the Shireen Louw Photography brand.


I am fortunate to have a few local and international blogs and publications feature some of my Real Life Weddings. Thank you to each and every one of them!

My Dream

My dream is to travel the world, photograph beautiful scenery, destination weddings and I will definitely be venturing into those areas of photography in the years to come.

My Bucket List

There are quite a few things I still would like to do in my lifetime…Goals & Dreams about things I would still like to do or accomplish.Here is a list of a few things on my “bucket list”.
Bungee Jumping, Visit Paris in the Summer, Visit the 7 Wonders of the World (Pyramids of Egypt), Spend New Years Eve in New York Time Square, Photograph a Wedding in the Snow, Travel to tropical island, Go to Vegas for the WPPI, Photograph a Urban Wedding in New York, Skydive whenever I get the chance, Visit Italy & Croatia, Visit Thailand and write about my experiences, Visit Dubai, Photograph a wedding in Greece & Croatia, Swim with Dolphins, Photograph a Fashion spread for a magazine, Writing a book about the wedding industry, Venture into Television and On-Camera work.

Other Projects

Shireen has been venturing into Television Appearances and on-camera projects. One of her recent Television appearances was on DSTV Channel 147 ViaTV as a Industry Expert on the Show “Hou Op Wegsteek”

There is quite a few things that interest me apart from Photography. I have fallen in love with writing, and everything digital. Turns out I am quite a tech junkie and love learning and apply new online marketing & digital strategies to my business.

One project that is near and dear to my heart is  www.inspiredwomen.co.za, a blog bringing inspiration, tips and ideas to women for women about Weddings/Lifestyle/Fashion.

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