Styled Shoot by Shireen Louw

Spring Blossoms Styled Shoot

This is the second shoot I have done in the past few weeks that absolutely was not planned at all.

Cape Town weather is downright miserable and very far removed from the typical spring weather one is expecting. So on Wednesday morning I decided that before the next storm hits Cape Town, I want to shoot in the blossoms.

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Snow Mountains Styled Bride {Stellenbosch}

So like all the other Capetonians today, I was totally mesmerized with the snowfall we experienced last night. {Something we don’t often experience in this magnitude in Cape Town}

So as I was driving this morning, seeing the beautiful snowfall on the mountains, the idea of doing a quick shoot (and yes it had to be quick since it was rainy and cold and really miserable) showcasing the mountain tops covered with snow was fueled by another friend and bride Wendi (view her wedding in CapeTown) told me that it really was a magnificent view!

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