Sometimes it’s called the “path less traveled . You know the one, it’s when people make the choice between personal or professional focus and the professional comes out on top. This is typically considered to be a good priority for the young and single – a time when personal demands on your time are fewer than the need for money and recognition. Most people attempt to strike a balance with varying degrees of success but if true professional accomplishment is your sole focus then there are several character flaws you may have to work the kinks out of.

1. Impact of public opinion

Firstly give up the notion that the opinions of others don’t matter, it’s a safety blanket you can’t afford. Unless you work in a vacuum, the chances are you come into contact with dozens of people everyday who will spread word of your attitude, successes, likability and effectiveness. When you’re at the top this doesn’t matter as much but keep it in mind in your early days.

2. Failure is the end

You may not like Donald Trump (he doesn’t have to care as much since he’s at the top) but you can’t deny he’s successful. Now take a look at how many times the man has been utterly bankrupt and fought to become a millionaire again with nothing but his reputation for tenacity. You will make mistakes, you will have project flop, you only fail if you don’t learn from them.

3. Waiting for the right moment / procrastinating

If you want to make a real name for yourself you can’t always just follow the leads and trends created by others, and if you want to start your own trends you won’t ever be 100% sure that it’s going to work. You can’t afford to let this stop you. Do your due diligence and then just DO.

4. Wallowing in regret

Never waste time regretting a decision which ended in a loss but was made when your research or the available information said you had every chance to succeed. Find out exactly what information was missing in your assessment and next time, increase your research channels.

5. Sticking your head in the sand

We all have aspects of our job which are our least favorite parts, or simply tasks which are confusing and seem superfluous. Regardless, they have to be done. It’s called “eating the frog” and you need to adopt a policy of doing those first thing in the morning when you’re at your most alert.