When i think about  Jacques & Danelle, it feels like I have known them for many years, these two are a down to earth and humble couple and one can’t help but feel like their best friend.

Everyone that knows them, will agree that their warm personalities, smiles and love for each other is one of the best things about them.

I was looking forward to their wedding for almost a year, and all the expectations I had were succeeded.

Danelle looked like a princess, and I knew the moment I walked into the bridal preparation venue and just felt her calmness and  peaceful vibe that THIS bride is SOOOOO ready to get married!

Danelle’s was a STUNNING bride & Jacques a DASHING groom, that could not stop smiling…or wait to see his bride for the first time.

Like I just said, Jacques could not stop smiling and it warmed my heart when I overheard him say to his best man that ” I am marring my dream girl today, she really is a stunning woman”

It really is a special day, when you can see, feel and experience the love two people have for each other.

With these two there is such an aura of love, peace and harmony that you can almost touch it and I feel privileged to have been present at their special day.

I also have to say that it was the very first wedding where the Groom recorded a song specially for his bride, and used it as their first dance song. It really was a heart touching moment.

Jacques & Danelle, THANK YOU for choosing me to capture your special day, thank you for your kindness, friendliness and the way you treated me from the very first moment you met me.

You made me feel like your best friend and I will always remember the experiences we shared on your engagement shoot & wedding day.

With that said….here is the long awaited wedding of Jacques & Danelle Taylor

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