Eranè & Ivan are a Gorgeous couple inside and out. When I first met the two of them, I knew I was going to be in for a treat when I heard they were planning their wedding at the majestic Beloftebos wedding venue in Stanford.

Eranè or (Ertjie) like she is fondly called by family and friends (love it) is an extremely talented make-up artist and knows the in’s and out’s of weddings on a personal level.

I have come to realize that when I photograph a client’s wedding who is also involved in the Wedding Industry, there is just a different vibe to the entire day. It seems to be more relaxed, different and unique, maybe it’s because when weddings is part of your career  you see and experience so many different things and get different ideas, that when they, themselves get married, they KNOW exactly what they want, what they don’t want and know who and what to use to realize their own dream day.

This was exactly the case of Eranè & Ivan’s wedding, since Eranè was calm, excited but very chilled.She knew her day was going to be spectacular, and I am sure Ivan could not wait to see her coming down the dirt road (on the back of a donkey car no less) 😉

This wedding was very special to me, since Eranè possesses a quality that makes you feel like you have been best friends for years, she really is as beautiful.(isn’t she just gorgeous).

Ivan on the other hand is always up for a laugh, always ready to tell a joke or strike a pose.

The combination of these two just work like a well oiled machine, and the love between them is visible, the way they look at each other, talk to one another and just their overall vibe is one of a very strong relationship build on love, trust and God.

Ertjie, you looked like a princess, and you really are one! I am very happy for you and Ivan, and I know you will be extremely happy together for years and years to come.

I loved every minute of your wedding day, and it was a privilege to capture it!

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Beloftebos wedding

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Fairylights with bride & Groom

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