Every now and again the opportunity comes to brag a little about your craft, to me, that opportunity happens every time I post a wedding on-line or load a sneak peek on facebook.

Working with images & visuals daily, one becomes accustomed to posting and seeing responses online, you get used to posting your images, and a week or two after the post date you already have moved that post into the back of your mind.

Ahhh… but  then comes the opportunity to see your work in print, and no matter how “old school” it might be, or how evolved our digital age are becoming, nothing beats the feeling of opening a hard copy of a magazine, smelling the paper & ink, and seeing your photographs in print.

I am very pleased to be presenting two Real Life weddings that has been published in The Wedding Design Magazine

To Gerhard & Nadia as well as Carlo & Mizelle  – my two GORGEOUS couples, I am happy to have your weddings be featured in this magazine! Hope you enjoy the experience as much as I am.