You dont get to mention the word wedding aisle to a bride-to-be without her at least once envisioning herself walking down the Westminister Abby.{there is a princess in all of us}

When it comes to wedding aisles, you can’t go wrong with loads of flowers & candles to set the mood for romance.

Decorating the ceremony site can set the tone for your day, carry a theme, or just in general set the scene for the most spectacular day of your life. I can not envision anything better than walking down the most incredible little piece of heaven, right to the end where your partner is waiting for you.

Some couples decide to not spend a lot of the wedding budget on decorating the ceremony site, which is a shame, since this is where the most important part of the day takes place. It’s the place where you say your vows, the place where you, in front of your loved one’s declare your life long commitment and love for you partner. Why not make it extra special?

Here is a tip: You can always transform the wedding ceremony site into your reception area if the venu permits it, or even use some of the flower/decor items at the ceremony at your reception site. This can allow you to have the lovely decor not go to waste after the ceremony.

I am sure not all couples will decide on a lavish splurge on ceremony decor etc. However I have selected a few of the most incredible wedding aisles I have seen to give you an idea as to what can be done.

1: Cherry blossom wedding aisle

Incredible wedding aisle

2: Twilight Saga Inspired Wedding Aisle

Twilight inspired wedding aisle

3: Crystal Tree Wedding Aisle


4: White Flower Wedding Aisle

white wedding aisle

5: Island Wedding Aisle

Beach wedding aisle idea

6: Church Wedding Aisle with Candles

Church wedding aisle

7: Outdoor Garden Flower & Candle Wedding Aisle

Candle and flower wedding aisle

 8: Winter Wedding Aisle

Winter wedding aisle

9: Lavish Candle Wedding Aisle

Romantic wedding aisle

10: Outdoor Wedding Aisle with a view

Aspen wedding aisle

11: Wedding Aisle With Trees

Tree aisle

 12: Autumn Inspired Wedding Aisle

Orange wedding aisle

 13: Forest Wedding Aisle {Click to view this Real Forest Wedding}

Oudoor forest aisle

14:  Lavish Flower and Candle Wedding Aisle

Lavish flower and candle wedding aisle

14: Tree & Crystal Wedding Aisle

15: White Wedding Aisle

White wedding Aisle

16:  Outdoor Wedding Aisle

Outdoor wedding Aisle

 17:  Barn Wedding Aisle

Lantern wedding aisle

18: Winter Wonderland Wedding Aisle

Winter wonderland wedding aisle

19: Outdoor Candle & Lights Wedding Aisle

Outdoor wedding candle aisle

 20: Royal Wedding Aisle

article-0-0BD4314A00000578-823_964x1559 gal_brideabbey Royal Wedding Aisle

 Photo Credit: {Preston Bailey} – this man is awesome {Google Images} & {Mindy Weiss}


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