A lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect gift for your wedding guests.

Some couples wants to add to the “theme” of the wedding, others would like to give their guests something useful on the day, or a gift that will last a long time after the wedding day has passed.

Whatever your wedding theme, here is a few wedding favor ideas that your guests will enjoy.

1: Mini Doughnuts

Spoil your guests with something sweet.
mini doughnut wedding favor


2: Temporary Tattoo’s

You can have so much fun with this. Design your own personalized temporary tattoo that your guests can use on the day. Keep it fun, tasteful and lighthearted.

Wedding Favors

temporary tattoo

 3: Personalized Lip balm

Who does not like soft kissable lips? Give your guests personalized lip balm as wedding favor. This will work perfectly for a hot summers day wedding.

lip balm wedding favor

 4: Wedding Vino

Gift the gift of good wine as wedding favor. Your guests will surely enjoy it after the wedding with a meal or at the fireplace.


 5: Cigars

Cigars makes an awesome wedding favor idea, not just for the gentlemen, but some ladies also enjoy a puff or 2. Hand them out during the reception. It makes for good photographs too.


6: Tie

Every man has got to have a good suit & tie. How about giving the gentlemen at your wedding a tie as a wedding favor. This will ensure your wedding favor being used long after your wedding day. On the back of the tie you can personalize it with your names and wedding date.


 7: Spice

Are you the King of BBQ, do you know the perfect herb mix or spice that makes the meat extra tender or juicy? Why not give your wedding guests a mixture of your favorite spice mix as a wedding favor.

BBQ Wedding favor

 8: Socks

Having a winter wedding, or a love for funky socks? Why not give your guests the option picking their socks from a wall (can double as place cards too). This can be a fun colorful option and definitely one your guests will enjoy.


 9: Tote Bag

Every lady will tell you that bags are always welcome. Personalize tote bags for your guests. Fill them with items (which can double as overnight bags).

tote wedding favor bag

 10: Salt & Pepper

We go together like salt & pepper. Personalize salt & pepper pots or fill them with your favorite spice or even candy to serve as unique wedding favors

salt Y pepper

 11: Sunglasses

Getting married on a beach, or sunny summers day. Give your guests sunglasses as wedding favors. It will make for fun photographs, and they will enjoy them long after the wedding,


 12: Cookies

Who does not love a good chocolate chip cookie. Stuff a CD sleeve with your favorite cookie as an awesome wedding favor, or snack with coffee after dinner.

cookie wedding favor

 13: Seeds

This is one for the eco friendly couple. Why not give your guests, seeds as wedding favors. Print plating instructions on the back, and ask them to send you photographs of the plants in full bloom afterwards.

Seeds wedding favor

14: Flip Flops

Getting married on a beach. Give your guests the option of swopping their high heels for flip flops. These will also come in handy later in the reception when tired feet might be more comfortable in flip flops.

summer wedding favor

 15: Charity

Instead of spending a chunk of the wedding budget on wedding favors, why not donate the money to a local charity of choice. Tell your guests at the reception that the wedding favor was a donation to a charity close to your heart.


 16: Bottle opener

I for one love creative bottle openers. Why not give a fancy or themed bottle opener as a wedding favor. It will come in handy long after the wedding day.

bottle opener

17: Macaroons

Have a sweet tooth? Why not share your love for something sweet with your guests. Multi colored macaroons makes for lovely wedding favors, and your guests will love the treat.


18: Soap

Have a favorite smell, or soap brand? Why not share it with your guest by giving them personalized soap, hand wash or hand cream as wedding favors

personalized wedding favors

19: CD

We all have a playlist or movie soundtrack we absolutely love. Why not share your favorite songs  with your guests by giving them personalized cd’s as wedding favors.

personalized wedding favors

 20: Coffee/Tea

Are you a coffee or tea lover? Share your favorite blend with your guests by personalizing them into travel packs or samples of your favorite coffee or tea.

Coffee wedding favor

 21: Plant a Tree

Want to give back to the earth? Give your guests a tree to plant in their back yard as a wedding favor. Years from your wedding day, people might be sitting under its shade or enjoying their fruits.

Eco friendly wedding favors

 22: Cocktail shaker

Have a love for cocktails. Share your own recipe or detailed ingredient list of a few cocktails with a shaker as a wedding favor.Your guest will love it.







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