These days loads of couples are ditching the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake in favor of something a little more memorable and reflective of their style. Here are a four of my favorites:


Not as mainstream as cupcakes and not as traditional as a layered cake, doughnuts are fast becoming one of the trendiest choices of dessert at weddings. Just like with cupcakes, they can be dressed up to look incredibly posh and scrumptious and mix and matched with different dipping sauces to create a flavourful explosion.


 Dessert on a stick

Bite sized desserts on a stick are basically irresistible to anyone with taste buds. You can choose anything from chocolate covered marshmallows to small bite-sized pieces of cake with frosting, and have them arranged in a pin cushion fashion on a base or even skewer them. You can colour code your treats to match the theme of your wedding too, which will look great.

dessert on a stick

Waffle stack

Instead of a wedding cake why not set up a waffle stand and let guests choose their own toppings. You can go wild with this option and choose different flavoured ice-creams, sprinkles, fruit syrups, spreads and nuts to lay on the table. Don’t forget some marshmallows, peanut butter and Nutella too!

waffle cake

Marshmallow Tower

Who does not love the sweet sticky yumminess that is Marshmellow. Serve Marshmellow puffs, cover it with chocolate, or combine with different fruits & sweets to create a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.


Caramel Apple Stack

Nothing like a juicy caramel covered apple to take us back to our childhood. It also is a very creative way to bring a festive vibe when serving dessert.

carmel apples

Cannoli Tower

You don’t need to be italian to enjoy the mouthwatering italian treat. If you have not tasted one yet, go treat yourself, you will thank me afterwards. Stack them at the reception as an alternative to the wedding cake.


 Cheese stack wedding cake

Are you a cheese lover? Incorporate all your favorite cheese in a wedding cake stack. It serves as a savory alternative to the normally sweet wedding cake, and will be a point of conversation, since the guests will have to go and cut pieces from their favorite cheese. Serve with figs, preserves & some bread/crackers

cheese cake

Macaroon Tower

What a lovely way to incorporate color as well as something sweet. Stack multi colored macaroons on your dessert table, and serve them as a treat with after dinner coffee.

macaroon tower

Candy Buffet

Why not offer a feast of candy to your guest by combining all kinds of candy, cakes & chocolate at a buffet table. Use personalize paper bags which will allow your guests to take home some of the candy if they can not finish it all.

Candy buffet

 Chocolate Fountain

Ever had fondu? Loved the way everybody sits around the pot, chatting & frying the ingredients? The same will happen when you get a chocolate fountain at your dessert table. Supply fresh fruits, cookies & marshmallow which your guests has to dip into the dripping melted chocolate. This will definitely be the gathering spot for your guests. A bonus is also, the smell of chocolate is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

fountainPhotography credits: Pinterest