Hiring a good photographer for your wedding means you’re almost guaranteed to look sublime in all your shots – fact. Heading off on honeymoon with nothing but self-timer and your trusty pocket camera means some of your pictures might end up looking like an unsavory mug shot – also a fact. It’s totally okay though, it happens to everyone, which is why I decided to compile some advice on how to get the most out of your honeymoon pictures.

Avoid taking too many of the following shots

  • The loner pose: one of you standing majestically (awkward and alone) next to a palm tree. These kind of photos are pretty much dreaded by everyone and they always leave you feeling forced and out of place.
  • The selfie: a super close-up shot of your faces…and your armpit. Taking photos of yourself by extending your arm out with a cell phone camera in your hand is fine for Facebook but a no-no for the honeymoon album.

The best way to ensure you don’t have an album full of shots like these is to ask other people for help. Ask strangers to take pictures of you if you’re at a museum or park, or get a waitress to snap a quick pic when you’re eating out. Tour guides will happily oblige if you’re out and about, and some companies have professional photographers on hand to travel with you if you’re after some well composed couple pictures in front of beautiful landscapes.

1. Get Adventurous

  • Buy two disposable cameras and each document your journey from different points of view.
  • Get an instant camera and see your pictures develop as you take them.
  • Hire or buy an underwater camera to take some really unusual pictures.

underwater photo's

 2. Be Funny

Create your own funny snaps to cherish! Talk about what you want to do, and ask someone to snap away. It only takes a moment or two to photograph, afterwards you will be happy you did.


3. Get To Know Your Camera

If you’ve got a good camera to take on honeymoon, spend some time playing with the settings so you know what its, and your, capabilities are.

  • Shoot on auto in settings where you have limited control or time, but for lazy days at the beach it’s a great idea to experiment with different filters, shutter speeds, cropping, zooming and angles.
  • Lie down and get a shot from ground level, or get a few shots of great scenery from four or five different angles.


4. Relaxed Shots Work Best

Fill your frame with things you find interesting, and while you’re at it take some unsuspecting shots of your loved one while they’re at their most relaxed. While they’re marvelling at the ocean view, forest trail or city lights, catch them in the moment for a spectacular un-posed shot.


Things To Remember

  • Use natural light – as much and as often as you can. Early morning and early evening generally have the best lighting.
  • Use the natural scenery – it’s easy to get a good shot when you have a breathtaking natural landscape, rainbow or landmark to be your backdrop.
  • Always have your camera on you – you never know when a surprise scene will present itself – and the local people, activities and scenery provide ideal subjects.
  • Be creative – you don’t have to be in every shot. The point is to capture your story, so take a picture of your footprints in the sand at your favourite beach or get a picture of the cat that snuck into your room one night – whatever!
  • Take pictures you’ll never be able to take again – so if you’re swimming with dolphins snap away, and if you’re hiking past a waterfall, get underneath it and make sure someone gets a shot of you.
Photo credit: Google Images