It’s becoming more and more popular for couples to choose cooler months for their nuptials and if you’re okay with colder weather, you could most certainly benefit from the advantages of a winter wedding.

The choice is yours when it comes to venue

Instead of having to wait a year for your dream venue to be available in the peak summer wedding months, you could book a winter date and probably get it much sooner. This kind of flexibility is a huge advantage as it allows you to pick your perfect date and secure your ideal location.

 You’re more likely to get better rates on everything

Many wedding venues and vendors are likely to give you discounts in winter because it’s such a traditionally slow season. It’s the perfect time to shop around and find everything you want for your day at prices that are way more reasonable.

 It probably won’t rain

This is not true in Cape Town, of course, but in many other locations you’re less likely to experience rain in winter than you are in summer. One of the biggest fears a lot of brides face is bad weather, so if you’re choosing a place where rain is uncharacteristic in winter you’re really avoiding a major stress.

Everything looks better and lasts longer

There are no worries about your cake melting or your flowers wilting in cooler weather. Everything will stay crisper and fresher for longer – including you and the groom. There’s nothing worse that sweating profusely in a suit or dress while trying to maintain your composure, which is far more likely to happen in summer than winter.

The lighting is spectacular

Anyone photographing or filming the wedding will agree that winter provides much better lighting conditions. There’s less likely to be any stark contrasts and squinted eyes, so you’re likely to get some really great shots and footage.

Your Photographs will look different

Getting married in winter also allows you to have wedding photographs that totally looks different than weddings that took place in summer. The landscapes looks different, the sky & colors of sunsets looks different, and photographers will seek out different types of set-ups for your wedding photography session. We all want our weddings to look, and be different, so here is your chance.

Wedding Dress & Make-up

Chances are, if you are planning a wedding in winter, your dress design will be a little bit different to accomodate for the chill in the air. This in itself will be a selling point to get married in winter, since I am sure that all of us would much rather be the bride, snuggled in faux fur , than be a sweaty bride.Wedding dresses with sleeves or chantilly lace are gorgeous and just about enough cover you would need but still look fantastic. A huge plus point as well is that your make up will look absolutely flawless the entire day.


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