With women and weddings, hysterical shrieks of excitement are the norm – we’re all about planning to the point of perfection, pretty dresses, dainty shoes, romantic music, movie star make-up and misty eyed declarations of love…it’s a thing. For most guys though, and let’s be honest, they’re most likely just looking forward to hopping into the marital bed. Because weddings are traditionally geared towards female pampering and indulgence you can’t blame a guy for occasionally feeling left out so, if you think your groom might be in need of some special treatment, here’s some ideas to ensure he has just as much fun as you…

1.Get him a designer suit

The most important dress a woman will ever wear is her wedding dress, and believe me woman are not shy to spend thousands on the perfect dress. Why not give the groom the same option of getting him a designer suit, specially tailored for him. Surprise him by not allowing him to hire a suit, but send him to his favorite designer house and have him pick out his own suit.He will look and feel amazing.


2. Get him to the spa

He might be a gruff manly man that’s never used hydrating lotion in his life, but get him to a spa and tell him you’ve arranged a ‘gentleman’s spa day’ just for him. These days most men have succumbed to the idea of the ‘metro man’ and are probably just waiting for the right moment to demand a pedi and a wax – and there’s no better reason than your wedding. If he’s going to be donning a suit and looking extra hot, he may as well get exfoliated, plucked and polished to the max.


3. Pay for an old school barber’s session

There are a few classic barber shops around these days with service and treatments that’ll make him feel like he’s swankier than Robert Redford. Book him in for a haircut on the morning of the wedding, as well as a facial massage and a shave with a straight razor and cream. He’ll get a kick out of sitting in one of the old barber chairs while he sips on an espresso and talks cars, or cigars…or whatever guys talk about at a barber. Make it even more special by booking for him and his best man to go together – male bonding at its best!


4. Get him looking like Johnny Bravo

If you can, sign him up with a personal trainer for a few months before the wedding. He might feel a little hurt that you don’t want him on the couch playing Xbox all weekend anymore, but after a few sessions he’ll be feeling better and looking tougher – and he’ll thank you for it on the big day by constantly flexing.


5. Book a breakfast at his favorite hangout

While you’re off getting hair and make-up done why not book him a table at his favourite restaurant for breakfast with his mates. He’ll enjoy relaxing and spending time with the boys before its time to get ready, and he’ll appreciate the gesture immensely.


6. Boudoir Photography

A very popular trend is to book yourself for a professional boudoir photography session, and surprise him on the day with an album full of “for your eye’s only” photographs of yourself. My clients always enjoy’s the experience and their husbands enjoys it even more! For more info & my boudoir portfolio please follow the link: Boudoir Photography


boudoir 1


7. Surprise him

With anything you know he’ll love really – just to let him know you’re thinking about him while all the other chaos happens in the background. You can splurge on a new expensive watch, or have cuff links personalized to ensure a very personal touch in your groom looking his best.


8. Sports Lover

Is your hubby a sports lover? Have a hamper delivered on the day full of goodies that he might need to complete his sports bag (throw in a couple of tickets to a live sports match for him and his friends). Alternatively, you can also book a round of golf (9 holes) at his favorite golf club on the morning of the wedding. It will give them a chance to bond, to enjoy themselves and to “waste a few hours” before walking down the isle.



9. Living like a Rock Star

As the bride you have the opportunity to book yourself and your bridal party into a guest house or swanky hotel for a night or two before the wedding, to enjoy the luxury of being pampered or just enjoy some time out with your favorite girls etc. Why not surprise the groom by hiring a house or mansion for the day before the wedding. Make sure it has a man-cave, where he and his mates can watch sports, have a few drinks and just enjoy themselves too. The boys will love you for it, and they will certainly enjoy the experience



10. Surprise at the wedding

Why not take the initiative to hire a few professionals to surprise the groom with either a fire show (its very impressive), or if he is a whiskey lover, why not have a surprise bar where they only stock his favorite whiskey and cigars to enjoy on the night?



cigar & scotch


11. Casino Night

Want the groom to be entertained the night before the big day? Book them a private table at their local casino. Make sure there is staff to look after their needs and have the casino give them all a few chips “on the house” to start the fun.


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