Everyone that knows me, will surely know about my love affair with wedding veils.

The moment a bride puts on her veil, it gets real! The feeling of “I am a bride” suddenly hits when she sees the people around her through the thin material.

I have seen so many brides being cool & calm during the preparation part, even when she is already in her dress, emotions are at bay, but the moment the veil is added to the attire, the mood suddenly changes, suddenly the emotions are running high and the “look” just seems complete.

I still dont know what exactly it is about a veil, but it certainly holds so much more than the thin piece of material that it is. It serves as part of traditions, it holds emotion & romance and certainly makes for fantastic photographs.

When most people think about a veil, they might have something completely different in mind than the next.

Here is a few trends that has taken the bridal industry by storm. Choose the way you want to wear your veil.

1: The Birdcage Veil


2: The Bubble Veilwww.shireenlouw.com

3: Ultra Short Veilwww.shireenlouw.com

4: Veil, Tied In a Bun


5: Veil with DIY Flower Crown


6: Veil with Prominent Headpiece


7:  Veil Combined with Tiara or Headpiece


8: Alternative Ways to Wear Your Veil

different use

9: Lace Veil


10: High Fashion Veil {For the bride who wants to make a statement}

high fashion

12: Bouffant Veil


13: Using your veil in your wedding photo’s {Click to view the full real wedding }

how to use your veil




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Photo credits: Pinterest