Your wedding is a really a day to let your individuality and personality shine through, so it goes without saying that everything should also be in line with your values. If you care about the environment and how you impact it, there are some things you can do to ensure you remain eco-friendly at every stage of the process.



If you want to go completely paper free, have a custom website made for your wedding. Through here you can send out the invites, receive the rsvp’s and relay any information you would like your guests to know. If you want to use paper for your invites, look at sourcing tree-free paper, or even recycled paper along with veggie based inks for printing. Alternatively – you could also send out digital invitations that have been custom made for you – this could include a video invite that goes right to your guests’ inbox, a short animation or a link to a website even.

Green invite

Food & Drink

When discussing your food options with a venue it’s worth keeping ‘green’ options in mind. If you’d like to make the ultimate ‘we care about the environment’ statement then a vegan menu is the way to go – and chefs can whip up delectable meals that would have your guests gushing without even realising that they’re not eating dairy or meat. If that’s not an option then also find out if it’s possible to source local and organic ingredients for each of your dishes. If you dont want to serve alcoholic beverages, serve organice fruit juice or sparkling water. For alcoholic choices, there is always organic beers & wines available. If you really love to carry the eco friendly theme throughout, why not have the sweeter side of the cousine e.g your wedding cake, or smaller cupcakes be made with organic ingredients, and have them made to look like mini pot plants. They are cute, and a fun element.

Whimsical Parties


If you’ve got the environment in mind – as well as ethical shopping – then don’t support any designers that use fur products – or any animal products for that matter. Also keep in mind that it’s better to choose a local designer instead of having a dress flown in from another country. Go vintage when looking for your perfect dress. Choosing a vintage dress, {lets say its your grandmothers}, will not only have sentimental value, but also will cut down cost, as well as helps to reduce costs, fuel emissions, and further use of organic products in creating a new one.

dress 4

Flowers & Decor

Find an organic florist that’ll be willing to create your bouquet as well as any other floral arrangements you’ll need for the day, and be sure to let people know you’re making a green statement. You can also choose not to use flowers but use other DIY elements for wedding decor instead. At this picnic themed wedding the wedding decor was completely DIY and eco friendly.




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Use biodegradable confetti like rice or flower petals.



Wedding Favors

Use your wedding favors to give back to mother nature in the form of a tree that can be planted by your guests or seeds of you favorite flowers. There are awesome eco friendly wedding favor ideas to fit every style & theme of wedding.



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Other things to keep in mind

Ensure your caterers use real linen, serviettes and cutlery instead of things that can be thrown away afterwards. Arrange carpooling or a bus as wedding transportation for guests instead of having everyone drive their cars, and keep in mind that party favours like disposable cameras can be wasteful and wedding registries can be done online and still look really spectacular.


A lot of wedding planners specialise in arranging green weddings these days and there are some amazing things they can pull off – so if you want something that’s conscious from top to bottom you should consider finding someone that’s in line with your views and beliefs.


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