Charl & Charlotte decided to celebrate their 1-year Anniversary with a photo shoot which started at the hotel where they got married, the spectacular One & Only Hotel in the V&A Waterfront.

What promised to be a misty and overcast day, turned into so much fun with the weather actually fitting into this shoot perfectly! Romantic and Dreamy light!

Charlotte is such a romantic, and really wanted romance to ooze out of every photograph, but also really wanted to have a fun element to their photographs as well, which resulted in a old school pillow fight, with feathers flying everywhere.

During the pillow fight, we were all literally covered in feathers from top to bottom and the two of them were giggling like two naughty children. It was so much fun!!

Happy Anniversary you two! Hope and wish you many years of happiness together!

Wedding at One & Only Hotel

Couple shoot at One and Only Hotel


Couple Shoot at One & Only Hotel


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Good o’l pillow fight caused for some candid moments and a lot of laughs!


Couple Pillow Fight
Couple Photography pillow fight
Couple with feathers
Couple Pillow Fight Photography
Couple Pillow fight
Pillow fight couple shoot

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