Because most brides spend months upon months looking for the perfect wedding dress and then spend thousands on it when they do, it seems a tragedy to simply let it sit unappreciated in a cupboard after the wedding day. If you feel the same, here are five awesome things you could consider doing with your dress once the wedding has come and gone…

Say goodbye with a bang

Trash the dress photoshoots have gained massive popularity over the last few years with more and more brides wanting to wear their dress for one last spectacular hoorah that’ll be forever documented with some kick-ass pictures – think of it as a way to say goodbye. Trash the dress shoots can take place in any location and usually involve things that you’d never go near in your wedding dress in a million years – water, paint, glitter, coloured powder, and scissors – anything you can think of really. Think lying on the beach, in the surf, with your husband at sunset – in your wedding dress, or your entire bridal party throwing different coloured paint at you at once for a spectacularly cool action shot…the sky’s the limit with this one. View the Trash the Dress Session I photographed with Gillian & Jon to get ideas.


Wear it to your first wedding anniversary

Why not get your wedding dress altered so you can wear it again – as a totally different outfit – for your one year wedding anniversary? Whether it’s just the bodice or just the skirt matched with something else – it’s incredibly cool and special to know you’ll be wearing part of the dress to another noteworthy occasion. View the Wedding Anniversary “After Wedding” shoot I did with Charl & Charlotte.


Make an outfit for your child’s christening

Use the fabric, lace and other details you adore so much, and get a good tailor to make a breath taking gown that your first born can wear at their christening – keep it in the family!

christening dress

Pay it forward

There are a few charity organisations that appeal to brides to donate their dresses to very good causes, and if that appeals to you then you can always spread the love by knowing your dress has gone on to other, great uses. Brides Against Breast Cancer is a good one, but there are loads of sites out there for you to look at if you’re keen to donate.

Display it!

If you’ve got a walk in closet or a space in your bedroom and you just can’t bare to part with your wedding dress, why not display it, as well as the grooms suit, on mannequins – and then use them as idea places to keep jewellery, ties or other trinkets that look good on display. Alternatively you could take the fabric from your wedding dress and use it as a pretty border for your wedding photos – framed and on display in your home. Or, just make covers for big, comfy cushions that you can display on your marital bed!

Wedding dress display


Images credit:,  ruffle&, tumblr

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