Every person has their own idea about their wedding day. When the wedding day finally arrives, tons of information has been gathered, bridal magazine’s bought and Pinterest worked overtime to create the perfect wedding.

The problem with weddings is, that most people only get one chance to have their dream wedding. This causes brides to be confused about what to incorporate, which dress to pick and what elements to rather leave out of the equation.

Having to choose between your hair up or down, accessories, the types of dresses, and the color scheme of the wedding décor, wedding venue, photographer and overall theme of the day, can all be a bit overwhelming and may lead to unrealistic expectations, or unflattering results.

Since wedding photographers are the people that capture every detail of your wedding, focusing on things that other people just might glance at, we have a pretty good idea of what works at a wedding, what is a total disaster and which elements we wish you would rather have left out or incorporated.

Here are a few things to consider while planning your wedding.


When selecting a bridal preparation venue, or even a reception venue, light airy spaces are our favorites! Natural light is key, so make sure there is enough windows or white walls etc. Trust me on this!



Please go for a trail session or multiple sessions! I cannot stress this enough. Make 100% sure that the hairstyle you choose, fits your face, suits the dress and will be suitable for your wedding day. Having crazy up do’s, will make you feel uncomfortable if you never wear your hair up. Curling your hair might look fantastic in church, but the truth is, curls don’t stay and if it is a windy day, you might be in trouble, as you will be fighting against the wind when taking photographs. Choose a style that is true to you. Avoid hair glitter, since on dark hair it will look like dandruff. It is a nightmare for any photographer since it will have to be edited.


Invest in a professional make-up artist. If your family or friends offer to do your make-up, politely decline, {if they are not professionals}. A experienced make-up artist will make you look your very best, they will use the best products to make you look fresh and natural all day long. The wrong shade of foundation, eye shadow or lipstick can totally ruin your look. Choose your make-up artist well, and test the color palette beforehand. Not every shade works for everyone.


This is one of the most important decisions you will make while planning your wedding. Choosing the right dress for you body type is crucial. Remember, that what looks good online on the models might not be the perfect dress for you. Go to boutiques, try on every type of dress you like, and make sure about your decision. Take a friend {one that will tell you the truth} on your dress hunting excursions. There is nothing more unflattering than a bride with a dress that does not do her any justice. This is one of the most important points!


Tiaras & Accessories:

Less is more! There is no need for you to wear chandelier earrings, a tiara, bracelets and a necklace with a heavily beaded dress all at one go.

Just because it is your wedding day, and you want to feel like a princess does not mean you should overload yourself with all the accessories that you could find. Rather select one or at the very most two accessories to wear. Overloading yourself with accessories is not a good look.


Not allowing enough time for your photo session, results in the following: Rushed photography, stressed bride and average photographs. Be sure to allow at least one hour for your couple photographs. This will result in the photographer being able to be creative and you being relaxed and enjoying the experience. All you will have left from your wedding will be your photographs, so make it count.


Some brides would like their wedding to be unique, and stand out from all the others. The best way to do this is with your décor and overall theme of your wedding. Photographers love décor, bloggers love unique décor and settings. So if you are one of the brides that wants your wedding to be grabbed up by international and national bloggers make sure to be unique with your décor.


Photographic Expectations:

Chances are you will look your very best on your wedding day, however, don’t have unrealistic expectations about what you will look like on your wedding photos. There is only so much that can be done with editing programs.


Make sure to let your photographer know exactly what you have planned for you reception. Unexpected things might cause the photographer to not have equipment set up correctly or they might have stepped away for a moment.


Photographers work the entire day, running around, capturing your special day. Make sure to have a place for them to sit and a meal to eat at your reception. I will guarantee you that if you look after your photographer; they will go to the lengths of the earth to make sure your photographs are amazing.

Selecting your photographer: 

People have different reasons for the photographer they choose to capture their day. For some budget is the deciding factor, for others it is the style of the photographer. However, make sure that you are comfortable with whom you choose as your photographer. If your personalities are not getting along, or the vibe is a bit off, rather choose someone else to photograph your day. For the couple to be uncomfortable or to be unhappy with the photographer will only lead to the day begin a miserable experience for both couple and photographer. Don’t underestimate the power of personality differences. You will spend the entire day in close proximity with that person. Make sure it is with someone you like and get along with.

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