Meet Shirley & Dustin, all the way from Canada ~ They recently got engaged! Yey!

When Shirley contacted me about an Engagement photo shoot they wanted to book when they visited South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, I was excited!

What an awesome task to give a couple lovely memories of their visit to the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town. (yes I am bias).

Dustin & Shirley are such a fun couple and we really had a fantastic time doing their photo shoot.

Shirley’s make-up and hair was done by the talented Corle Barnard and as per Dustin & Shirley’s request, we used the stunning Camps bay as their photo shoot location. We even had an opportunity to see the starting stages of the “super moon”

Dustin & Shirley, I hope you have a lovely trip all over South Africa and return home with nothing but the best of experiences and memories.

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