Once in a while I get to do photography, purely for myself. I get to pick the setting, the model, the theme of the shoot and the “look” the make-up artist have to create..FUN!!!!

This is exactly what happened over the weekend, when I, with the help of some very talented ladies and a beautiful setting, had a tremendous time bringing my vision to life.

I had the help of the VERY TALENTED Corle Barnard, who transformed our lovely model Tarryn into, firstly a 50’s siren with beautiful hair & make-up and then into a gorgeous pin-up girl. The end result blew me away and it really was exactly what I had envisioned for the “look” I wanted. I was assisted by Deseree van den Berg, who was such a pleasant positive bundle of energy, that really made my photography task easier. Deseree also took some “behind-the-scenes” photos of all the happenings, which I personally can not wait to see & share.

If you are interested to book a photography Glamour session, please contact me

Without further ado, I present to you the lovely Miss Tarryn Voigt!

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The Team: From Left: Corle Barnard, Tarryn Voigt, Myself and Deseree van den Berg





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