When it comes down to documenting your big day, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.  Meet up beforehand with the photographer and cover all the bases: what is important to you, what your personalities are, etc.

Here are some fun wedding photos with ideas for posing for your wedding:

1. Traditional: There is nothing wrong with going the traditional way.

Why change something if it works? You can still do the following traditional poses:

  • Kiss at the altar: you can even bring in a modern twist or a little bit of whimsy: the groom can make a fist pump in the air when you share your first kiss as husband and wife.

  • First dance

  • Father and daughter walking up the aisle

  • Ring bearer and flower girl: try to capture their reactions. If they are still very young they can wince or pull faces when the bride and groom share their first kiss.

Tell a story of the starting point of your journey together with traditional photographs.

2: Bridal couple: This is after all your day, so everything has to be about you.

Here are some lovely poses you can do with your groom:

Private moment after the ceremony:

Go to a separate room where the photographer can capture your raw emotions.

Runaway bride: Let the bride and groom run or skip down the aisle towards the camera.

Fun photo with wedding party

In your own world:

If your wedding is in the city, the city can be used as a dramatic effect. Stand on a busy corner kissing or in the middle of traffic. Just don’t get run over!

Near water:

If you are getting married near water: the beach, a lake or a dam. Use it!


The photographer can take a photo of you two kissing in a boat or if you are close to a marina: take some photos on the dock.

Lie in a hammock or on the beach. Capture a moment where you are both completely relaxed.


Let your groom lift you in his strong arms.  A romantic lift is where he holds you a little bit above his head: look deep into each other’s eyes or share a kiss. Or he can lift you up and spin you around.

Piggyback ride: let the groom run around with the bride on his back

Dramatic dip:

Either on the dancefloor or in the garden. To bring a little whimsy into the picture the best man can stand beside you receiving a high five from the groom while sharing a kiss with the bride.


Spin around:

If you are not keen on doing lifts, you can hold hands and spin each other around. Do it in a large open space.


This is a very cute and playful photo: let the bride sit on the groom’s lap while you are swinging. Or to make it extra sexy: let the bride wrap her legs around the groom’s waist facing him. She can put her arms around his neck and he can hold her around her waist. This can be done in a stationery position or someone can give them a push and watch them swing. The groom can even kiss the bride on the forehead.

Super romantic kiss:

Share a Spiderman-style or an upside down kiss if you will. To achieve this: the bride can lie on the grass (in an upside down direction) and the groom can lean over her and share a smouldering kiss. Or the groom can hang off from a wall or table or car and the bride can bend down to kiss him.

spiderman kiss

Groom blindfolded:

Let the groom be blindfolded. When the bride and her father enters, the best man can loosen the blindfold or the bride can do it herself.

Hand signals:

Stand with your backs to the camera and hold out your hands spelling: L-O-V-E. You can share a kiss. This photo will work perfectly in black and white or during a sunset.

love hand signals

Jumping for joy:

Jump together holding hands. The photographer will probably have to take ten shots in a second to get the perfect shot of you two in mid-air.

Jumping on the bed

Showing off:

Show off your marriage license or your rings. To create a double take effect: just hold up your ring fingers: at first glance it looks like you’re zapping the camera or anyone who is watching. (Yes, that’s right! We got married!)

Can you keep a secret?

This can be planned or spontaneous. The groom can stand with his back to the camera with the bride sneaking up on him. For dramatic effect: she can turn back to the camera and put her finger to her mouth as if to say: shhh! Don’t give me away.

Rest your head on his shoulder.

In his arms: the groom protecting you with his strong arms or carrying you.

Wrapped up in his jacket:

The groom can stand behind the bride enfolding her in his arms. He can rest his head on her shoulder or kiss her in the neck.



While the sun is going down, stand on the horizon. The camera will capture two black figures resembling the bride and groom. The groom can kiss his bride on the forehead.


Share a kiss when the sun is setting or against a bright light. Your shadows will also share a kiss. Play with shadows. Take a photo standing holding hands: you and your shadows. Photoshop the shadows kissing into the photo where you are holding hands.

Wrapped up in your veil:

If you have a big long veil wrap yourself or both of you in your veil. This can create the illusion of being in your own safe world or cocoon.


Under the moonlight:

This especially works in a far away shot with you standing under some trees. Black and white create a mysterious atmosphere. Just your silhouettes will be visible.

Taking the plunge:

Jump into a pool or run into the waves.



Standing together: the groom can hold his bride around her waist while the bride tugs at his tie. Or let the groom sit in a chair and the bride lean in over him.

Sit on the stairs:

The bride can lie down and rest her head in the groom’s lap.


Whisper something in his ear or vice versa.

Dramatic send-off:

Release lanterns into the sky. The same idea as Tangled.


Saying thanks:

You can share a kiss while holding up bunting with single letters spelling out the word: Thank you.

Last shot of the night:

If your staying over in a hotel or leaving the hotel through the elevator take some shots before the closed elevator and inside the elevator while the doors are closing.

3. You and your bridal party

At the bar:

Some can sit in chairs, some can sit on the bar and some can stand by the bar. You can take it a step further and let the bride hold a champagne bottle pretending to drink while the groom and his groomsmen are lying around pretending to be drunk or passed out.


The bridesmaids can balance on the handlebars while the groomsmen put some pedal to the metal.

Building structure or levels:

If you’re getting married near a building site with a building structure with more than one level: let everyone stand on a different level.  You can even try it from a hotel: everyone standing on another level leaning out of the windows.

Front and back:

The bride and bridesmaids can stand between the groom and the groomsmen in a straight line. The men can stand with their backs to the camera holding the bouquets and the women are looking towards the camera.

Fun group photo:

Stand in the middle and let your bridal party or even all your guests form a heart shape around you: you are truly surrounded by love!

In a maize:

Stand scattered around in a maize and throw up your hands cheering.

In an old bus:

If you’re using an old bus as transport, strike some poses in or around it.


Leaning against a wall:

Lean against the wall: the bride couple in the middle with your bridal party standing or sitting around you. The bridesmaids can sit on the floor holding up signs and some of the groomsmen can stand on one knee.

Leg pops:

With some inspiration from The Princess Diaries, let everyone do some leg pops. The groomsmen can also join in.


Let them stand in a straight line, holding up letters spelling out words eg. “just married”. Let them hold it up in their own unique way.

Sitting on the stairs:

Let everyone sit on the stairs of the church or the building where you are getting married.


The groom sitting on the lower level and bride walking on the next level or let the bride and groom look at each other: bride looking down and the groom looking up. See if you can reach each other


This one works better at night. Stand somewhere kissing and let your bridal party or just the bridesmaids spell out a word (a letter for each bridesmaid) with sparklers eg. L-O-V-E



Wear dark sunglasses and strike a pose that show you mean business.

Superhero T-shirts:

Let the groomsmen wear superhero T-shirts under their wedding attire and let them unbutton their shirts and reveal their super hero chests.


If you trust them enough let them throw you in the air. Take the photo in mid-air. Or let them carry you on your shoulders. Or sit in chairs and let them lift you up and carry you around.

4. Point of view:

After the traditional photos are done, the real fun starts. A good way to go is to play around with different points of view:

All smiles from above:

Lie on the grass looking up.

Entrance to reception from behind.

Works very well if you stand behind a curtain or doors.

From behind: standing on a bridge.

Frame within a frame:

Let the ringbearer and flowergirl or two small kids hold up a frame. The camera will direct your eye through the frame to you standing in the background. It will look like you’re already in a photo frame. The kids can even pretend to look through the frame itself.

From below: sharing a kiss or holding hands.

From your perspective during the vows: right where the action is happening!

From a low vantage point:

This works especially from a few feet away and if you’re standing on a bridge or dock.

The last second before the first look:

Let the bride surprise the groom at the altar by coming up behind him and tapping him on his shoulder.

Lift up your wedding dress and reveal the garter.

Look from above:

Stand near a wall. Let the photographer sit on the wall. Look up at the camera while in a warm embrace.

Mirror Mirror

While you are getting dressed or fixing the last touches such as make-up or your hair, let someone take a photo of your reflection in the mirror. This can also show both worlds: you sitting in front of the mirror and your reflection looking back at you.

On a park bench from behind:

If you are getting married in a park or garden: sit on a bench and lean your heads against each other. The photographer can capture you from behind. You can even sit on a bench overlooking the seashore

Pinky swear:

Show off your wedding rings with a pinky swear. Let the photographer do a close up just focusing on your hands.


Stand over a water puddle or body of water. The photographer can just focus on the reflection in the water or show the best of both worlds.


Stop motion:

Create the illusion with the camera showing how you are walking towards each other and ending up together in the middle of the frame. Only advanced photographers may be able to pull this one off.

Together, before the ceremony:

Stand opposite a door. You can’t see each other but you can whisper messages, share a kiss (teleportation style) or exchange personalised letters you wrote to each other. This is a perfect way to capture raw emotion and the expectations of the couple. You can reach out and hold hands. This usually works with an door opening to the outside.

Through the back window of your get away car.

Especially when it is raining. Let the raindrops freeze in mid-air.

Through the trees: as if someone is spying on a private moment

Through your ring:

This can be quite tricky, but if you can accomplish it, it can make for a wonderful and unique photo. It would look like someone is looking through a ring and you standing in the background (inside the ring) embracing.

With your veil flowing behind you:

This can work with a strong gust of wind.

5. Photo props:

Nothing makes a photo more special than bringing in your own photo props. This can play into your personalities or something you both have in common.  The wedding couple can hold up poster signs with special messages meant for each other. Your wedding guests can also participate by posing with a photo frame or accessories.

Fun Confetti Ideas:

Use confetti to lighten and brighten your photos! Who said confetti has to be flowers/rice or paper?

beach balls

Here are some examples of using photo props:

Incorporate your favorite sport:

Bicycles: If you and your bride share a love of riding bicycles strike some poses on your bicycles or beside them.

Baseball: The bride can hold the baseball bat, the best man can be the thrower and the groom can be the catcher.

Golf: Groom lying on his back holding the tee and ball in his mouth. Let the bride stand over him with a golf club striking a crazy pose. The groom can pretend to be a little bit worried. Let his fingers dig into the grass.


They are part of the family, make them part of the day.  Assign someone to take care of them during the day.


Shoes on display

Take off your shoes and stand in the background a few feet away.  Let the focus fall on the shoes. You can even make the background a little bit blurry.

Or write messages on the soles of your shoes and let the camera focus on that.

Signs or Scrabble letters:

Hold up signs or make secret messages with Scrabble pieces.


Surrounded by sparklers or fireworks.

Watching the clock: Focus in on the groom’s wristwatch: it’s almost time!


6. Proud family members:

Make sure you have someone that can capture all the emotions and proud moments on film.

Dad giving his daughter away,

Aunt wiping away a tear.

7. Goofing around:

When the bride and groom goof around in between shots can also be part of the story.


Let the groom pose showing off his wedding ring while the groomsmen gasp in astonishment.

Let the bride and bridesmaids stand at the bar drinking bear or smoking cigars.

Let the groom wear the veil and bouquet.


Let the groom throw the bride over his shoulder and carry her away. The bride can hold her bouquet or wave goodbye.

Don’t corrupt the flower girl:

If the flower girl is a little bit older (say 10 years old) let the bride shut her eyes while the bridesmaids pull some indecent poses.


While getting dressed:

The bride can pull her wedding dress over her head hiding her head in the dress and making hand signs.

Eavesdropping/peeping toms:

Stand at a corner of a building: you and your bride in a warm embrace while the bridal party peek around the corner.

Show off your shoes and socks. This can be particularly funny when the groom is wearing a peculiar colour of stripes!

8. Spur of  the moment:

Not everything has to be perfect or planned. It is the unexpected moments, the initiative of the party guests or even the groomsmen that bring in the wild card eg. the groomsmen carrying the groom away on their shoulders.

9. Details:

After many years memories can fade about the exact details.  Don’t forget to take photos of the venue, the table placements, decorations, cake, etc. Close ups work very well.

10. Rain:

Raining on your big day doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  If timed right you can even use bad weather to turn an ordinary photo into a clever photo.

Here are some tips when photographing in the rain:

  • Ask your photograhper beforehand if he/she ever shot people in the rain and if not, if he/she is willing to try.

  • It has to be spontaneous

  • Don’t be afraid to get a little wet: you can do puddle jumping or pretend that you are on the cover or poster of The Notebook

  • Play with the light: raining at twilight or at night makes a beautiful photo. Black and White creates a historical atmosphere. The photographer can put a remote flash behind you that will enable him to freeze the raindrops – this makes it look more magical. You can stand under or near city lights or streets.

  • You can take photos in the rain or just after it rained.


  • Be realistic: to avoid that anything (your dress, camera equipment) get completely destroyed, only take a few seconds at a time for a shot.

  • If you see lightning go back inside.

  • You can use the storm clouds as a dramatic background – especially if it is raining during the day.

  • During the day: if it is raining and the sun is shining simultaneously use the mysterious natural phenomenon to your advantage. In Afrikaans we have a funny whimsical saying: “Die Jakkalse trou” or “Jakkals trou met wolf se vrou.” You can even play around with that in mind.  In English, the sayings are: “the monkeys are having a wedding”, “the fairies are baking” or “the devil is beating his wife.” This is just whimsy and not talk of omens.  Or jokingly: “the fairies are spitting on us for good luck”

  • Cheat a little: stand under an overhang, under oversized umbrellas or take a photo in the car. If your venue has a large doorway or patio let everyone stand in the doorway looking out on the rain.

  • Save it for the lost shot of the day; nobody cares if you get wet then.


11. Sneak peek: Groom album

Take some sexy pictures and give the album to the groom on the morning of the wedding: let him know what’s waiting for him. Pose with white underwear, veil and bouquet.

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