Despite what loads of old fashioned people may tell you, skipping certain traditions at your wedding can actually be a breath of fresh air. By chucking out old ideas and starting new trends you’re not only going to wow your crowd and create great memories, but you’re also able to express yourself in ways that tradition doesn’t usually allow, which is very appealing indeed!

1) Old rule: White dresses only

This is probably one of the most taboo wedding dress rules around these days. Times have changed and so should our colour pallets, and that means white shouldn’t be your only choice of hue when picking a dress to stand at the altar in. If you choose ivory, why not add a splash of colour with bright shoes or some lace trim? If you’re really bold – silver, champagne and nude are popular, but purple, black and even pin striped pink are even more so – and no matter what colour you choose, with the right design and fit you can look elegant, sophisticated and sleek on your special day.

tulle wedding dress

2) Old rule: Keep it formal

The truth is that formal ceremonies and receptions have been done a billion times already and everyone knows what to expect. No one’s keeping track of the rules anymore, so why not break them? Book an act, like a band or a performance artist, to break up the program, or play a video while guests wait for the photographs to be done – or even a game. Entertain people and give them a few twists and turns in the schedule, and they’ll be delighted.

3) Old rule: Play the traditional wedding march

Most western cultures have used Wagner’s Bridal Chorus so much that it’s now popularly known as ‘Here Comes the Bride’, while many others go for Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. Why not choose your own theme tune according to what makes you happy and represents you best? Whether it’s a post rock anthem, a dance track you love or some semi-embarrassing old school ballad – people will remember you walking down the aisle to it if it makes you beam. You can also get your guests involved to either play instruments or hum a tune as you walk down the isle.

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4) Old rule: Bridesmaids need matching dresses

Instead of choosing one look for each woman in your bridal party, why not let individuality shine through by allowing each bridesmaid to choose a dress and cut that suits their figure and personality? If you’d like to keep some kind of conformity, keep the fabric and colour the same throughout. View a wedding I photographed were the bridesmaids had different dresses.


5) Old rule: Don’t see each other until the ceremony

Pah – old fashioned rules for old fashioned times – and we don’t need them anymore. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t see your love the evening before, the morning before and even the moment before your ceremony. People usually say that the surprise is ruined if you don’t but I can assure you – the act of getting married and starting a life together is far more exciting than not seeing each other for a day! Nowadays having a “First-Look” Session where you see each other privately before the ceremony is very popular. It allows for the photographer to really capture the emotion that goes with that moment, without everyone getting distracted by the “formalities” that goes with the actual ceremony.


6) Old Rule: Everything at the Reception has a set time

Break away from tradition, cut the cake when you enter the reception hall, or do you first dance straight after the main speech, or even combine your first dance with your speech or even with other entertainment. Spice things up, move things around, keep your guests entertained. By breaking away from tradition, your guests will surely remember your day as well as enjoy the festivities. As a extra point, who says your wedding reception has to be a formal dinner? Have a cocktail party wedding reception with finger foods and mini size treats, or do something totally different. Dare to be different!


Images: Andrea Lindtquist, Matt Miller, A wedding cake blog