Once there was a little dreamer…

Photographing children is something very different, as unlike adults, they can not/will not fake happy! {you can bride, sing, clap your hands or stand on your head if you want}, if they are not having it, there is nothing you can do. When you photograph children, you get their true feelings, happy, sad, “in the middle of a tantrum” or just plain content. Children photography is not always easy, but has great rewards!

To me that is what makes photographing children so exciting, since you never know what you might get in the end.

So on a “good day” {no tantrums in sight} I took my Nikon 85mm f1.8 and did a mini shoot with my own little dreamer.

Shireen Louw Photography_0001 Shireen Louw Photography_0002 Shireen Louw Photography_0003 Shireen Louw Photography_0004 Shireen Louw Photography_0005 Shireen Louw Photography_0006 Shireen Louw Photography_0007 Shireen Louw Photography_0008 Shireen Louw Photography_0009 Shireen Louw Photography_0010 Shireen Louw Photography_0011 Shireen Louw Photography_0012 Shireen Louw Photography_0013 Shireen Louw Photography_0014 Shireen Louw Photography_0015 Shireen Louw Photography_0016 Shireen Louw Photography_0017 Shireen Louw Photography_0018 Shireen Louw Photography_0019 Shireen Louw Photography_0020

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