Everyone wants to be in great shape on their wedding day and look fantastic in their wedding photos. If that means losing 5kg or 50kg, it can be done.

There is nothing better than to be fit, in shape and looking your best when you walk down the isle.

Truth is, no crash diet, shortcut or miracle cure will get you in shape faster than following the golden rule of losing weight. Burn more energy than you consume!

Here is a few tips to get you in shape the right way:

The right diet

If you want to end up wearing that dress you must be willing and able to make a few sacrifices. That means cutting out all foods you don’t need: little or no fizzy drinks; any sugar in your drinks; no saturated and trans fat.

Do more of these if you haven’t done so already:

More fruit and vegetables – especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Drink more water. If you don’t like the lack of taste, opt for flavored water. (some might contain sugar, so read the label before you buy)

Eat more fibre: go for the wholegrain bread instead of white bread.

Eat more natural, organic foods.

Be smart at snack time: opt for whole fruit, yoghurt or a handful of almonds.

Include healthy fats in your diet: monounsaturated- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. MUFAs: olive oil, nuts and avocados; PUFAs: fish, fish oil, nuts and seeds.

Take vitamins: multivitamin or Vitamin B to boost your energy on that wedding shopping sprees and Vitamin E to stave off heart disease and breast cancer.

Know the right portion size for every meal:
For starch the portion must be the size of your fist (noodles/potatoes/rice/cereal)
For protein the portion must be the size of two palms (meat/tofu)
Fruit must be the size of a tennis ball
Vegetables: fist size.
Share your desserts.

Change your eating habits:

  • Keep a food journal: it’s one way of becoming aware of what you eat and how often you eat.

  • Plan ahead: when you know how many meals you eat a day you can start planning.

  • Be a smart shopper: look at every label of every item you buy. The goal is to go for anything that lists no or low saturated fat, low sodium and high fibre.

  • Whenever you feel hungry in between meals drink 10 gulps of water and wait 10 minutes. If your still hungry help yourself to a healthy snack.

  • Eat slower: when you pace yourself you might just end up eating less calories which means a smaller chance of gaining weight when you eat. Try to schedule 30 minutes for each meal. Sip water in between bites and chew your food. It’s easier on your stomach to break down the foods further.

Whatever you do, don’t skip meals! It will only confuse your body’s metabolism and your body will make the mistake of holding on to the fats.


Phase 2: 6-8 weeks before your final fitting.

Cut out all sugars, alcohol, dairy and starchy carbs.

Phase 3: 72 hours before the big day

Cut down on sodium intake. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Go for a massage for extra relaxation.

Exercise tips

Before getting started:

  • Get yourself a workout buddy. There will be no lack of people that will want to get fit for the big day: anybody from the bridal party. Ask someone you like and trust and enjoy their company. A buddy system can help you stay motivated and adds a little of competition.

  • Schedule exercises and keep track of your efforts and results.

  • Set up small goals.

  • Go in with a positive attitude – you CAN DO this!


  • Do the Plank:

Lie on your stomach and elbows shoulder width apart. Lift your hip bones up from the floor and pull in your belly button. Breathe. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Warning: don’t overestimate this exercise. Start and hold what’s tolerantly possible in the beginning and take it further (hold longer) when you feel your ready.

  • Do the Power Walk:

Go walking with two water bottles in each hand. The water bottles doubles as lifting weights.

  • Do Music

Exercise while listening to upbeat music. Try to stay on the beat – especially when you practise on a treadmill.

  • Do Mix-up

To avoid boredom, vary your training exercises every 4-6 weeks. Do a new activity or join a class.

Focus on certain parts of the body:

To keep your curves:

Do cardio interval training – burns body fat.

Do regular resistance training to tone your muscles and develop your shape.


To shake off flabby arms:

Do tricep dips. You can do it on an exercise step or the stairs. Sit on the edge of the step with your knees bent. Lift your bottom off the step (keep your knees bent) and straighten your elbows. Bent elbows and straighten. Repeat 10-20 times.


To banish your “muffin top”:

Do resistance training 2-3 times a week.

Do cardio interval sessions: both high and low intensity.

If you like running, make use of these apps to help you stay motivated Strava and Nike


What is resistance training?

Also known as strength training. It is to improve your strength and mass of muscles, bone strength and metabolism. It is an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Muscles can burn calories – therefore it can reduce your body fat and enhance your metabolic rate. Mostly done with lifting weights.

And remember your ultimate goal should be that the changes you make today should last till after the wedding!



Images Credit: roseetalveganwedding.com ;  elementwellbeing ; charmcitywed.com ; heatonhouseevents.co.uk ; baysidebride.com