If you want your cake to be on everyone’s lips (spoken as well as eaten) you should display it in a way that draws the most attention.

Ways to display your wedding cake

Tables or cake stands

Incorporate original elements of scenery or wedding theme

For a country or outdoors wedding bring the outdoors indoors or take the cake outdoors. Place it on a wooden stand or stump surrounded by flowers.

3 tier modern pedestal cake stand

Each tier can be a different shape and height. Place the 3 separate tiers on one table – it doesn’t have to be in descending order (highest to lowest or vice versa).

Shireen Louw Photography_0057

 Plexiglass stand

Place it on or inside a plexiglass stand or glassbox. Place the glass box over a small tree or bush.


 Old dresser table

This gives it a lovely, vintage feel.


 Gazebos and chandeliers

This is a grand way of drawing attention to your cake. Place it in or under a gazebo. Or place it under a magnificent chandelier and mark off the area with curtains.


Chandelier cake

Or if you’re really brave you can opt to go for a chandelier cake i.e. your cake will hang from the ceiling. It all depends on how heavy your cake and how steady your structure are.



Let your cake stand out. You can opt for curtains that match your colour scheme or use materials that suit your wedding theme.


Draw your guests’ eyes with these light ideas:

Fairy lights under the table or around the cake.

LED: light up your cake with small LED lights that covers the sides of your cake structure.


Ways to present your cake

The shape, style and things that you can incorporate into your cake.

Funny mini me characters

Who says the cake topper should be a boring sturdy upright looking couple? Choose a cake topper that resembles your joined personality (surfboards) or funny characters.



Topsy turvy

Nothing will hold your guests’ attention more than the illusion that the top tier of your cake looks like it’s about to fall. Emphasize that feeling with funny character cake toppers.


Cake in shape of dress, presents, suitcases

Who says your cake should be a boring round or square shape?


Peacock tail

Incorporate a colourful edible peacock on the side of your cake – it works especially well if it is a round tiered cake.


Beach cake

Cookie crumbles that represent sand or include edible shell shapes on the sides.

Cake with writing on the side eg. Bible verse

To make your cake extra special write a Bible verse on the side of your cake in icing.

Cake pops

Cake pops look like lollipops: delicious, moist balls of cake on sticks covered in chocolate. Display it on styrofoam bases, glass ware, vases, wooden stands or a customized nest. Or you can go for the upside-down cake pop: place the pops on mini cupcake stands.


Cake pull

This is an old Victorian tradition when little charms tied to ribbons are placed into the bottom layer of the cake. Only the ribbons are visible. Ask your bridesmaids or single friends to pull a ribbon: each charm stands for something special. The cake pull should be done just before you cut the cake.



Hot air balloon or Eifel tower: A life full of adventure and travel

Butterfly: eternal beauty

Star: A wish will come true

Anchor: Adventure is waiting around the corner

Four leaf clover: Good luck!

Flower: Blossoming love

Heart: new love

Fleur-de-lis: love and prosperity

Kite: Something fun is about to happen

Wishbone: success!

Ring: next to get married. You can choose to include this in the place of bouquet or garter tossing.

Ways to cut your cake

Eating and cutting the cake symbolizes the first meal you share as a wedding couple.  You can make it extra special and interesting with the following interesting instruments:

Cake breaker

Looks like a large comb. If you have a sponge cake use a cake breaker to gently separate the cake without crushing or compressing it.  You can use it on any layer cake, fruit cakes or very moist and sticky cakes.


Continue the tradition of using grandma’s knife, spatula or grandpa’s sword or dagger.

Funny shapes

Use knives in the shape of a butcher knife or saw.

With these interesting ways your cake will be the centre of attention!


Images Credit: dadelioandgreyblog.com; bellethemagazine.com; blog.thesweetestaffair.com; weddinginspire.com; valleyandcoblog.com; aquanerd.com