Nowadays everyone wants their wedding photos to be different and have an edge that sets them apart from the rest.  A popular way to do this is to use fun and unique props.

Go with something that resembles your personality or interests.  You can even use something with history and of value to you. Props are not just there to tell a story but to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Props from your Wedding Theme and Venue

Great Gatsby or Vintage:

Create a flashy and over-the-top atmosphere just like the set of The Great Gatsby: play around with pearls, put long and extravagant feathers in your hair, use beads or pretend that you’re smoking, holding cigarette holders.  Basically anything from the 1920s, 30s or 40s can work.



To recreate a Victorian era you can use delicate fans, Victorian hats, top hats, antique furniture, cream parasols, walking sticks.

victorian wedding

Rustic farm:

If your getting married on a farm use the farming utensils as props:

spade, bucket of chicken feed, tractor, trough, tree stumps, etc.  You can also use the animals and incorporate them into the photos: horses, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, ducks, geese, sheep, or your own pets.


Garden or back yard:

Create a homely feel with the garden hose, water bucket, watering can, lawnmower, fountain, garden chairs or benches and freshly picked flowers.


If your getting married on the beach, bring some fun accessories with you for the photo shoot such as towels, beach balls, sunscreen, kites, frisbees etc. View a fun South African Beach Weddingwhere props where used

Beach props_0001

Something of Interest

Use something that you both have in common or you’re both interested in:


If you share the love of a certain sport, play around with accessories from that sport:

Cycling: bring your bicycles along. Ride past the photographer; the bride can sit on the handlebars and the groom can pedal; or just push and walk beside your bicycles.


Fishing: Sit on the edge of a dock or wall with your fishing poles.

Golf: Play some golf posing with golf clubs, tees and golf balls. Put on the attire: golf shoes or caps.

Rugby or Soccer: Show off your favourite team’s sport jerseys or show how big a fan you are.  Stand around with flags, rugby or soccer balls.

Tennis: Pose with rackets or juggle with tennis balls and the ringbearer or kids can be the ball boys.


Share your favourite destinations with the people you care most about.

You can pose with photos from where you’ve been or make a poster and stand in front of it; pose with flags from different countries and or souvenirs from different places eg. barrette, baguettes, croissants from France. There is numerous decor ideas to help you carry through your theme.



Play some music or just pose with your musical instruments. Pose with (real or inflatable) instruments surrounded by music stands and printed music or make huge music note posters.



Take props from your favourite movies or just a movie theme in general. Here are some examples:

movie theme

Great Gatsby: Pearls, feathers, dramatic jewelry

Super Hero or films inspired by the comics: Super hero T-shirts, masks.

Hunger Games: Bow & Arrow

Alice in Wonderland: Books, keys, crazy hats, funky boots and accessories. Funny tags on decor.


Just Plain Quirky

You can use the following props in a photo booth or after the traditional photos. Now you can start having some fun and goof around:

–     Balloons

–     Belts

–     Big swirl lollipop candy/cotton candy/ice cream

–     Boxing gloves

–     Bubbles

–     Disposable cameras.

–     Fake flowers

–     Fake moustaches and or red clown noses. fake noses

–     Feather boas and brightly coloured scarves

–     Gaudy jewelry

–     Gloves

–     Hats

–     Masks

–     Monocles,

–     Nerdy glasses, big grandma glasses


–     Novelties: viking helmets, long opera gloves, Mickey Mouse ears, pirate hat, eye patch, Indian headdress, plastic animal masks (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), vampire fangs.

–     Red lips, cut out mouths

–     Smoking pypes

–     Sparklers

–     Sunglasses

–     Ties

–     Toy guns, water guns

–     Wigs

You can also use these big props: frames, umbrellas, big rings (styled after your wedding rings or just plain or coloured hula hoops) and mirrors.

Do anti-stereotypes: let the groom wear the veil and the bride wear the bow tie.

whimsical photobooth


You can use signs to write special messages for each other. You can use the following props to create signs: chalkboards, paper, poster, wood, etc.


You can use the following messages to write on your signs:

–     “I’m her Mr” ; “I’m his Mrs”

–     “I’m his”, “I’m hers”;

–     “I stole her heart”,

–     “So I took his last name”,

–     “finally”,

–     “happily ever after”.

–     “Wanted: Reward”.

Clothes props:

You can change your shoes with rain boots/cowboy boots/flip flops or your favourite pair of Sketchers.

You can show off your peculiar coloured stripe socks or exhange your shoes with silly socks.


Wedding Attire

Use the things that are already at your disposal: bouquet, rings, veil, garter, groom’s hat, bow tie, etc.  Use your accessories to carry through your theme! Setting your theme can be subtle or over the top depending on your personalities.


These are just a few ideas to get you started. The ultimate goal is to get something that resemble you as a unique and different person. Make your photos your own.


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