For me the beauty of weddings are the fact that it is so diverse. There are so many ways of getting married, different styles of wedding dresses, venues, accessories etc, that almost no wedding can ever look exactly the same. It keeps me interested and keeps my job fun!

As a wedding photographer, you get so see so many different aspects of a wedding, and believe me I find something beautiful in every wedding I photograph.

However, as with everybody else, I have my favorite things about a wedding. Things that might be a little different, or maybe just elements that makes my the images stand out, or something that gives them an edge.

So out of a wedding photographers point of view, here are a few things I wish I could see more, photograph more or just in general think every wedding should have at least one one of these elements:

A Beautiful Bouquet

Every woman deserves a bunch of the most beautiful flowers she will ever see or have on her wedding day. Extra effort in regards to the types of flowers, the colors etc should be taken into consideration.


Bold Make-up

Yes, bridal make-up are meant to be soft, romantic and natural. However, there is just something about a red lipstick that gives a sexy yet mysterious edge to any woman wearing it.

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Backless  Wedding Dress or Dusty Pink in Color! (Safe to Say I like Different)

The truth is, this kind of dress, is not for everyone, however, I absolutely love it.

attachment 1d79fdbf19075d77e4acc5af67322f28 Sexy-Backless-Wedding-Dresses-and-Gowns-2013-03


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Wedding Shoes: Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world!

You will have to look far and wide to find the perfect event to showcase and justify that designer pair of heels, or splash out on something totally different and unique. Wedding Shoes sometimes are overseen when it comes to picking wedding accessories etc, however, with the perfect pair, you can make a statement, may it be a fun, elegant, wow, or romantic one.


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Designer Suit

There is one thing that sometimes gets overlooked, and that is the suit for the groom. There is nothing more dashing than a man in a custom tailored suit on his wedding day.

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Super Long Veil

There is something dreamy, romantic, bridal, and elegant about a long veil. It is the perfect accessory to make you instantly feel like a bride, it works wonderfully at the photo session and sometimes deliver very dramatic and different effects. It simply is just beautiful! Click here if you want to get more ideas on how to wear or types of veils etc.

Shireen Louw Photography_0074




Flowers, Hair Pieces & Jewelry

Sometimes less is more, but if you really want to make a statement, or pull off a timeless “look”, why not be a little different and get some fresh flowers for your hair, vintage jewelry or a stunning headpiece. Using these bold elements, makes a statement, and I love it!

Magpie-vintage-1 johanna-johnson-vintage-inspired-bridal-accessories-veils-headband-bridal-headwear.original 4c778d38cb5ae8fb8aad33b8b186e5a3




There is something about lanterns that just puts a element of romance and a fun spin on at a wedding reception.

Shireen Louw Photography_0001


Let Them Eat Cake

Having a beautiful wedding cake, and have it taste fantastic too! Your wedding is the one day you can splurge on cake!

wedding-cake-and-vintage-wedding-theme Vintage-wedding-cake-with-hanging-chandelier


There is nothing as beautiful as a sparkling send off, or using sparklers during the first dance.



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