It takes a village to raise a child the saying goes, well it takes a team of Amazing, Passionate and Creative Individuals to pull of an idea that started with a 80’s song (99 Red Balloons by Nena) 😉

FYI we really did use exactly 99 Red Balloons for this shoot! {would have been 100 but one got away}

Once again I had the privilege of having my concept come to life. {I just love doing shoots like this}

I truly feel blessed to be able to think of anything I want to photograph and then have it realize!

For this shoot I decided I wanted to do something different and fun!

I knew I wanted to get a wedding dress with a twist, and as luck would have it, I stumbled upon the amazingly talented Janita Toerien. She is one of the wedding dress designers who wow’ed me the moment I walked into her studio. Her dresses are different, creative and definitely worth checking out! I am super happy to have had one of her creations feature in this shoot!

Off course as with everything, there is always a team behind the scenes making sure that everything run’s perfectly, in this case, it was the lovely team at Polkadot Weddings who assisted me with setting up, styling, doing the flower arrangements, and creative input.

Individual thank you’s to Liza-Ann {our model} who was such a delight to photograph! You made my job so much easier!

To Marilise from Polkadot Weddings who did the flowers for the shoot {part 3} and for allowing her team to assist me. To Inge who allowed me to feature her awesome puppy Lilly and to Chriselle who borrowed her “rooi gevaar” mini for the shoot and to Angeline who was an helping hand the entire day! I would not have been able to do this without your help! THANK YOU!!

To the lovely and talented Corle Barnard, THANK YOU for transforming Liza-Ann to exactly what I had in mind. Your make-up and hair styling is of the highest standard!

So without further ado, please feast your eye’s on Part 1 of the 99 Red Balloons Styled Shoot

To view {99 Red Balloons Styled Shoot Part 2}


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Behind the Scenes: A little glimpse of what went on behind the lens


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