So like all the other Capetonians today, I was totally mesmerized with the snowfall we experienced last night. {Something we don’t often experience in this magnitude in Cape Town}

So as I was driving this morning, seeing the beautiful snowfall on the mountains, the idea of doing a quick shoot (and yes it had to be quick since it was rainy and cold and really miserable) showcasing the mountain tops covered with snow was fueled by another friend and bride Wendi (view her wedding in CapeTown) told me that it really was a magnificent view!

Quickly I arranged for my friend to pose as a model (Talita),  and even decided to take my English Bulldog {Bella} with to take part in the shoot.

To my dismay, and as life goes (not alway according to the plan) the weather decided to NOT play along and just as we stopped the rain started to fall down, and did not stop or clear for one second.

Even the beautiful snow covered mountain tops got covered by the clouds. I was totally bummed since I really REALLY wanted to have the snow in the background.

However as they say, if something does not work out the way you plan it, make the best of what you do get, and that is exactly what we did.

This entire shoot was taken while it was pouring with rain. We all got soaking wet, and we even got stuck in the mud when we wanted to leave.

I am however VERY pleased with the end result, even if the whole purpose of this shoot was covered in clouds!

Keep warm everybody!

Shireen Louw Photography_0001 Shireen Louw Photography_0002 Shireen Louw Photography_0003 Shireen Louw Photography_0004 Shireen Louw Photography_0005 Shireen Louw Photography_0006 Shireen Louw Photography_0007 Shireen Louw Photography_0008 Shireen Louw Photography_0009 Shireen Louw Photography_0010 Shireen Louw Photography_0011 Shireen Louw Photography_0012 Shireen Louw Photography_0013 Shireen Louw Photography_0014 Shireen Louw Photography_0015 Shireen Louw Photography_0016 Shireen Louw Photography_0017 Shireen Louw Photography_0018 Shireen Louw Photography_0019 Shireen Louw Photography_0020 Shireen Louw Photography_0021 Shireen Louw Photography_0022

Thank you Talita for being so VERY BRAVE!!!!

Shireen Louw Photography_0024

This is what we got when we tried to leave!!


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