Having an engagement shoot is a “must” for every couple in the months leading up to their wedding day. It is a chance to have some fun, get comfortable with your wedding photographer and get in touch with your glamorous self.

It is not always easy for everyone to get in front of the camera and have it look like they are professionals being photographed. Having a “practice run” before the big day might just take away some of the nerves on the big day.


Be realistic; don’t just choose a random location. Plan ahead. Ask if you need someone’s permission to shoot on the chosen premises.

Clean your ring so that it would sparkle on the photos.

Paint your nails or remove all nail polish.

Have your hair and make up done professionally.

Bring two outfits each

Bring flip flops.

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Have your photo shoot at a place that is important to you both. It can be a place that holds your memories or a place that you always wanted to go to.

Places that recall sweet memories:

Restaurant where you had your first date

Where you had your first kiss (i.e. movie theater)

Where you first met (college, ice cream shop, bus stop, etc.)

Where you got engaged.

Your favorite downtown landmark or destination you love to escape to.

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A setting where you share your hobbies or interests i.e. a sport stadium, your favorite local pub/bar or an art gallery.

Interesting places:

If you share a love for plants or gardening arrange for your photo shoot in a Botanical garden

If you share a love for history, take your photo shoot to a museum or historical landmark.

If you share a love for animals do it at the zoo.

If you share a love for movies do it at a movie theatre.

Your home: this is a place where you will feel most comfortable. Do it in your living room or on the front stoop.

airplane engagement shoot

What to wear

Your engagement photo shoot is like a dress rehearsal. It is a time to experiment with colour schemes and poses. It is when you and the photographer can feel each other out.

Wear something that you feel comfortable in. Something between casual and semi-formal.

Dress in solid colours and don’t try to match too much.

Pick a neutral colour and coordinate with a few colour tones.

Keep your jewelry to the absolute minimum. Your engagement ring should be the star of the photo shoot. The future groom can take off his watch.

The following items works well in photo shoots:


Cute dresses


Beach Engagement

What not to wear

Avoid plaids, florals, patterns or head to toe black or white clothing. 

Perfect timing

The most popular time to schedule your photo shoot is in the “golden hour”: either the first 2 hours after sunrise or the last 2-3 hours before sunset. The lighting makes for great silhouette shots and a magical and romantic feel.

Don’t be late! You’ll just end up looking stressed on the photos. Be 10-15 minutes earlier.



If you tend to feel awkward during photo shoots bring some props a long to keep you distracted. You can make use of the following props:

Engagement ring:

This is after all the star of the photo shoot. Show off your engagement ring.

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According to the season:

If you got engaged or will get married during a season bring in objects that define that season:

Autumn: leaves

Winter: scarves, mittens, snow

Spring: flowers, baby animals

Summer: swimsuits, flip flops.

Other props:

Pose with balloons

Signs: paper signs or chalkboard signs


Musical instruments

Sport jerseys


Board games




Depends on where you decide to do your photo shoot. Here are some themes you can consider:




Urban grunge

Beautiful cathedral

Great architecture: Cape Dutch vs modern


Whimsical/creative: Childhood memories

High school/college


Enact your favourite films:

The Notebook


Mr & Mrs Smith (change to match your last name)

Horror films: zombies

Facebook signs: in a relationship, like, love.

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Guys can put their hands in their pockets – but not all the time!

Stand in an embrace

Hold hands

Girls can stand with their hands on their hips

Don’t stand straight facing the camera. Turn to each other.

You don’t always have to smile


Stand up straight but not on guard

Relax your shoulders

Bend slightly at your waist

Lean towards the camera but not too much.

Practice your facial expressions and poses in the mirror beforehand.

Have fun

Ignore the photographer. This is just one more opportunity you get to spend with your true love. Let it show on the photos. Be yourself, goof off, give each other compliments, make faces. Just relax.

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