Here are a few great ideas you can use to make your garden wedding whimsical and romantic like you always wanted!


Why go for the boring straight aisle if you can play around?

You can choose to place the seats in a semicircle behind the “altar” facing the bride’s entrance.

Or you can make it more playful by creating a spiral (facing inwards) with the chairs. It will be like a journey going down the aisle: greeting everyone as you go along and receiving your “prize” at the end.

Garden isle


You can put up vintage signs to show the way between the wedding ceremony and the reception area – especially if you’re wedding is in a big garden area.

You can use vintage frames or write it on chalkboards. Instead of just the boring signs like: “this way to reception” etc. you can jazz it up with little poems or cute sayings.

Garden wedding 6

Tree decorations

Trees make up a big part of any garden and can double as your decoration and/or your centre pieces. It’s hard to miss when you decorate your trees with the following items:

–     Glass jars with flowers or candles hanging from the tree branches. This makes for a whimsical atmosphere plus the candles won’t blow out. You can tie the glass jars with ribbon, twine or any other fabric around the top. Go for something that suits your theme and colour scheme.

–     Ribbons in trees: For a whimsical backdrop tie coloured strips of fabric or ribbons on the tree branches. From a distance it will look like the tree is dancing in the wind and celebrating the day with you.

–     Metal or ceramic ornaments: You can make or buy ornaments and hang it from the trees. For a bird theme: hang mini metal birdcages from the branches or decorate the trees with custom-made bird nests. Or if you are getting married near the Christmas holidays decorate your trees with Christmas decorations.

–     Fairy lights: You can buy or make your own fairy lights and hang it in the trees.

Garden wedding 7

Flowers in your hair and everywhere else

Wear your hair up and decorate your hair with flowers from the gardens. Or just make a flower crown that you can put on your head or weave into your hair. If you’re going for the hippie look: wear your hair down with a flower crown. You can curl your hair with a curl iron for a more whimsical and princess look.

Garden Wedding 4

Everywhere else:

Table settings: as centerpieces.

Down the aisle: hang a vessel with flowers or place a single flower (like a rose or sunflower). Decorate it with flower petals. Just make sure your dress won’t get stained!

Flower bouquets: take some of the flowers from the garden (don’t pick all of the flowers!) and arrange it into your bouquet. This saves money on extra expenses like florists.

Garden Wedding 5

Unique “bouquets”: water sprayers

If you’re getting married on a warm sunny day, surprise your guests by spraying them with water sprayers. The bridesmaids can carry water sprayers instead of flower bouquets down the aisle and relieve anyone that looks like they are welting. Don’t spray straight into your guests’ faces – they might not like that. You can spray over their heads or a little on their arms if they are not wearing sleeves.


Say your “I do’s” under a romantically decorated wooden arch with flowers.


You can decorate the pathways with leaves or flower petals while showing the way with signs or fairy lights.

Tea party

Instead of a huge reception, let your guests sit down at a long table for a lovely tea party. You can decorate the table with flowers placed in teapots.  Offer your guests a selection of any kind of blend under the sun and delightful snacks such as cucumber sandwiches, small pastries, quiches, fruit or even petit fours.

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