Planning your wedding on New Year’s Eve, can be fun, exciting and truly unique, however it does come with a few sets of challenges & perks. If you are planning to incorporate your wedding with the arrival of the new year, here are a few things you might want to take into consideration.

Consider your guests

Because New Years Eve falls during the holiday season and is a very popular holiday, you need to book at least a year in advance to avoid disappointment.

You have to let your guests know round the same time (at least a year in advance) so they can know they shouldn’t make any plans or if they already made reservations to cancel it.

Book a hotel, especially if you want them to stay until midnight. It shows consideration if you give them the option to stay over for the night and not drive home drunk. Or you can arrange for transportation: its the least you can do.

It’ll be more expensive for your guests especially if they have to fly in for the wedding ceremony.  Air travel especially around New Years are booked way in advance. Don’t leave it to the last minute to let them know of your plans.


More expensive

You need to book a hotel or restaurant and you need to pay the staff overtime or holiday rates.  Some locations even insist on extra fees if you are planning to stay after midnight. People drink more on New Years Eve than on a regular wedding night. Instead of an open bar opt for a cash bar with limited drinks available.

Not everyone will be able to attend

Some of your guests, especially those who live far away, won’t be able to come because it will be too expensive for them. They might not be able to afford the travel expenses, or pay for their own accommodation.

It might happen that they have other obligations.

Consider a small, intimate casual wedding

If you want to save money you can opt for a smaller, casual event. With fewer guests you don’t have to get married at a hotel – someone’s backyard will do.

Earlier in the evening

If you want to give your guests the option to still go to their own parties you can hold the ceremony earlier in the evening. It’s also better for you if you plan to travel to your honeymoon and not stay over. This way you won’t be too tired and you will still be able to enjoy your wedding night together.

Plan ahead, do research, get quotes

You will have to plan at least a year ahead. Do research to find out which locations charge extra or not. Get quotes on accommodation around New Years Eve and find out which services you can use around that time. Most services will be closed or booked. It’s harder to find a DJ, florist, caterer and/or photographer – especially on short notice.

Reserve a location

You’ll need to reserve a location escpecially if it is a hotel, restaurant or country club.

Food and drinks

If you plan your reception later in the evening or in the early morning hours, tell your guests they should eat something before they come.

You can serve snacks, canapés, appetizers or just desserts. Because it is so late in the evening serve cocktails and make sure there is enough champagne and coffee to keep your guests satisfied.

Wedding Cocktails

New Years Eve theme

You don’t have to look further for a theme, because you are getting married on New Years Eve after all. Colours that signify New Years Eve are gold, silver and black – so make sure to work it into your decorations or wedding attire.

New Years Eve Wedding Decor


To save money, you can use Christmas Decorations. You can even buy the decorations for cheaper at clearance sales.

You can get goofy with noise makers, confetti and party hats.

Have a big clock as the centre piece for the countdown.

New Years Eve Wedding


Formal: A New Years Eve wedding is the perfect excuse to dress up. Let the men wear black tie and the girls can wear cocktail dresses.

Informal: Your guests can still dress up but in more casual attire.

Party accessories and favours

Make your own personalised calendars that you can give to your guests.

Thank your guests with personal champagne bottles, fortune cookies, CD’s with the hits of the past year and bells.


Play around with thematic wording on the invitations

You can make your invitations a fun reading experience with the following wording:

Countdown/ 10 – 9 – 8… Draw or pick a funny caricature of a rocket

New beginning

“Ring” in new year


When to make the toast

To avoid confusion make the wedding toast at least a half hour before the countdown. There won’t be time to toast after the clock strikes twelve. Your guests will be too busy celebrating and drinking to listen to a speech.


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