Sometimes I get the feeling that mom’s are a bit neglected on the wedding day of their kids.Dad gets to bring the bride into the church, there is also the very popular father & daughter dance at the reception.

My feeling is, Mom’s play such a big role in the upbringing of their kids, and most of us are blessed with a mom that will be there for you no matter what. Why not make mom part of your wedding day. There are so many little ways to do this, that will mean the world to her and make her feel special. Here is how:

Let her be a shoulder to cry on 24/7

Let her be there on the morning before the wedding to support you and tell you how special you are.  Share your happiness and fears with her.

Wear “something borrowed”

Ask her if you can wear something of her wedding on your big day.

Wedding gown: Wear her wedding gown and make some alterations for a modern twist.

Veil: If you already have your heart set on a gown, ask her if you can borrow her veil. Again, make some alterations if you wish.

Jewelry: Ask her if you can wear some of her jewelry on your big day: maybe a family brooch or earrings.

Ask her to be matron of honour

If you have a special relationship with your mother and see her more than your best friend than your mother, ask her to be your matron of honour.  Then she doesn’t have to feel left out while your dad escorts you down the aisle.

Let her escort you down the aisle

If she is a single mother or if your dad has recently passed away, ask her to escort you down the aisle.glamorous-summer-wedding-essex-house-nyc-gold-mother-of-the-bride-dress-alison-conklin-photography

Light an unity candle or let her give a spiritual reading

During the wedding ceremony let her light a unity candle with the mother of the groom to symbolise two families coming together. Or while you and your groom light the unity candle she can explain the ritual or read something from the Bible or a poem. Let her pick the verse she wants to read and trust that she will pick the appropriate verse.

Let her be a witness for your wedding certificate

This shows her that you highly regard her presence and that you want her to be a part of your wedding.

Let her share the hosting duties

Let her meet, greet and welcome your guests at the entrance of the reception area. 

Display her wedding pictures at the reception

Honour your mother by displaying her wedding pictures at the reception.

Do a mother/daughter first dance

Break the tradition of the father/daughter dance and share your first dance with your mother. It doesn’t have to be a slow dance – play an upbeat song on which you can mock-dance.


Let her give a speech

Include her in the reception by letting her give a speech.

If she has a special talent:

Let her sing a song: If she has a beautiful singing voice ask her to sing a song at the reception perhaps while you have your first dance. Let her pick the song. Or if the talent runs in the family you can sing a song together.

Play a musical instrument: If she is talented in playing a musical instrument, let her play a song at your wedding. Again, it can be during your first dance.

Write a special acknowledgement to her in wedding program

Include a poem or a thank-you letter to your mom in the wedding program.

Thank her in your speech

While you give your speech don’t forget to thank your mother of giving birth to you and her devotion by bringing you up.

Honour her with a flower

You can include her favourite flower in your wedding bouquet or honour her with her favourite flower during the wedding reception.

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