The wedding of Sharon & Maree took place on a gorgeous day in Durbanville.

From the first day I met these two ladies I knew I was going to be in for a treat! Maree is spunky, fun, and always up for a joke, while Sharon is witty and has a radiant smile.

One thing that is evident is the love these two share, it is something only a few of us get to experience in our lives. Love just radiates from the two of them, and after years of being together they share a very special bond who is clear for all who knows the two of them.

I was very moved by the ceremony and one I will remember for years to come.

Maree & Sharon, I wish you the very best!

Shireen Louw_0001 Shireen Louw_0002 Shireen Louw_0003 Shireen Louw_0004 Shireen Louw_0005 Shireen Louw_0006

Sharon & Maree wanted to do a “First Look” session (where they see each other before walking down the isle) – It was a moment of pure joy and emotion!

Shireen Louw_0007 Shireen Louw_0008      Shireen Louw_0063

Shireen Louw_0014Shireen Louw_0015Shireen Louw_0016Shireen Louw_0017Shireen Louw_0018Shireen Louw_0019Shireen Louw_0020Shireen Louw_0021Shireen Louw_0022Shireen Louw_0023Shireen Louw_0024Shireen Louw_0025Shireen Louw_0026Shireen Louw_0027Gay Wedding Photography Cape TownShireen Louw_0029Shireen Louw_0031Shireen Louw_0032Shireen Louw_0033Shireen Louw_0034Shireen Louw_0035Shireen Louw_0036Gay Wedding Photography Shireen Louw_0038Shireen Louw_0039Shireen Louw_0040Shireen Louw_0041Shireen Louw_0042Shireen Louw_0043Shireen Louw_0044Shireen Louw_0045Shireen Louw_0046Shireen Louw_0047Shireen Louw_0048Shireen Louw_0049Shireen Louw_0051Shireen Louw_0052Shireen Louw_0054Shireen Louw_0055Shireen Louw_0057Shireen Louw_0058Shireen Louw_0059Shireen Louw_0060Shireen Louw_0061 

Rondekuil Wedding Reception Shireen Louw_0010 Rondekuil Wedding Cake toppers Shireen Louw_0013 Shireen Louw_0062

Shireen Louw_0064 Shireen Louw_0065 Shireen Louw_0066 Shireen Louw_0067 Shireen Louw_0068

Shireen Louw_0075

Shireen Louw_0069 Shireen Louw_0070 Shireen Louw_0071 Shireen Louw_0072 Shireen Louw_0073 Shireen Louw_0074

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