Wedding Invitations are a great way to set the tone for your wedding. You can be creative, incorporate fun elements or set the theme for the wedding. Remember this is the first thing your guests will experience in regards to your wedding, so be sure to use this opportunity to get them excited about your upcoming nuptials.

Here are some great ideas for your wedding invitations to stand out:


This option is becoming extremely popular especially among couples who are eco-friendly. Here are two companies you can use to help you create the perfect e-invite or wedding website:

Paperless Post: You can choose to send e-invitations or create your own paper stationery via their website. You have to sign up and create an account to use this service. You get 25 coins if you sign up via your email and 5 coins extra if you do it through your Facebook account. You can purchase the e-invite or paper design of your choice with your given coins. They also have a variety of designers you can choose from.

Paperless invites: They are a South African company that helps you to create your wedding website with a custom URL and an unique design. Other features include a photo gallery, an online RSVP, links to the bridal registry, a quiz, proposal, a page about how you met and information about accommodation and or the who’s who of the bridal party. A website is ideal in that you’ll have instant responses and can make quick updates if something in your plans change. 


You can create your invitation in the shape of a puzzle. This is especially unique if you’re sending the invitations to families that have small children. It creates an extra activity that the children can enjoy and their parents will appreciate it.


Fridge magnets and stickers

This is an ideal invitation that your guests can put on their fridge so as not to forget and re-use it after the big day. You can check out these websites or businesses to create or buy stickers and or fridge magnets:

Vinyl records

Print your invitation on round stickers and paste it on old vinyl records. Or you can print or paste the invitation on the record holder and just paste a sticker with your initials and the wedding date on the records.


“We want you” posters/invitations

This is a wonderful way to get your guests’ attention right from the get-go.  No one can pass on a character pointing a finger right in their face.


Playing cards for a Vegas theme wedding

Print your invitations on customised playing cards if you decide that you’re going to have a Vegas theme wedding. You can even create a game by making a full pack of 52 cards and print questions and answers for a quiz about you both. It is a wonderful way to tell others who you are.  Or you can print additional information on the remaining cards such as accommodation, activities, did you know’s, etc.

26 poker themed wedding invitations Sondrasink etsy

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Newspaper

If you’re going for a vintage feel or share a love or passion for newspapers or news (one or both of you can even be a journalist!), print your invitation on paper with this heading. It attracts the eye and makes for an unique wedding invitation.

Design the remainder of the paper into news stories of how you met, the proposal or information about the destination if you’re having a destination wedding.



If there is one thing your guests will appreciate more is that you send your invitation on something they can use again and again long after the big day. You can either go for real small chalkboards which you can write your invitation on in chalk. Afterwards they can use it to write their shopping lists on it.

Or you can create your own mini chalkboards with wood and a special kind of paint on which you can write with chalk and wipe it off again.  This is called chalkboard or blackboard paint.



Create your wedding invitations on postcards. Or you can use the postcards as RSVP cards that your guests can send back to you.

Printed on towels, napkins or handkerchiefs

Something you can use again and again. Print your initials and wedding date on a towel, napkin or handkerchief. Send a card with additional information i.e the dress code, contact details, etc.


Print your wedding invitation on balloons. Again, it’s a simple and fun activity for the kids.

DIY-pink-birthday-balloon-invitations (1)

Scratch card reveal the date

Create your own scratch card wedding invitation. If your guests scratch the blocks the wedding date or an extra prize is revealed.

Make your own scratch card save the date invites:

All you need is some contact paper, silver or aluminium paint and a template.


Chocolate wrappers

Give your guests some sweet bliss with your own chocolate wrapper design wedding invitation around your favourite chocolate. Not ideal for snail mail.  Rather deliver it straight to their eager hands.

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