Your stomach is in a ball of nuts, sweaty palms and a hint of paranoia have made their way into your house.  Planning the wedding has been no picnic and with the actual day only 24 hours away you need to come up with a plan to gracefully set those tiny little butterflies free.

There are few suggestions for both bride and groom; but in the end do something that will keep you calm and collected. Remember that we don’t want puffy faces and a missing groom on a beautiful wedding day, so get your beauty sleep and try to keep the alcohol intake to an all-time minimum.

Spoil and pamper

This is more up the ladies’ aisle – a luxury spa evening with your bridesmaids and close friends. Have a masseuse over or go to a spa, get a nice massage to relieve all those pre-wedding jitters and stress. Your make-up for tomorrow might be a hand full of products and powders so consider getting a facial as well to prepare your skin for what’s about to come. Stay away from home made things or any funny products that might cause a skin irritation. You want to glow on your wedding day!


Have an evening in with friends

Guys break out those poker chips and have a guy’s night with a couple of cigars. Don’t go overboard though, the bachelor party was fun and unforgettable but the big day is tomorrow and you want to be able to look into your wife’s eyes and be mesmerized by every aspect of her. Ladies host a proper slumber party. Get into your PJ’s and fuzzy slippers and have some cookies, chocolates, cupcakes and popcorn. You’ve been watching your weight for long enough now and letting go a little won’t cause your wedding dress shrink all of a sudden. Watch a girly movie and let Kate Hudson and Rachel McAdams whisk you away to the land of romance.



Girls go on a shopping spree! There’s nothing more relaxing than running your fingers over freshly tailored clothes and surrounding yourself by that sweet smell of “new-closet”. This is NOT a last minute wedding shopping outing – It has to be stress free and fun! Look for clothes you’ll want to wear on the honeymoon or new lingerie for your future hubby. Men, think of manly activities, quirky and fun – something you haven’t done in a long time, but won’t get you killed either! Go go-cart racing; nothing pumps up those testosterone levels like a little competition and if the ladies are allowed to spend, why not go and try your luck at the casino!


Photo Shoot

This one will appeal more to the ladies. These will be your last pictures as a single woman. Arrange for a photographer and have a professional photo shoot with your close friends. Use silly props, bubbles, fake moustaches and dress up if need be!


Last bit of quality time

Married life can end up changing our priorities a little bit, there’s no escaping it. Our friends might be happy for us but remember sometimes there is that tiny hint of fear that they’re losing you. Enjoy your last sunset as a single woman with them, sipping sun downers with a basket of goodies. Men host a typical braai evening and if there’s a game on support your team. Just make the night one of reassurance, that no matter what, you’ll always need your friends.



Slide shows and old pictures – a little cheesy but sometimes we just need a little bomb shell to drop and remind us of our youth and all the glorious moments we were apart of. This might be a better idea if you’re a fried of the bride or groom. Bring out the old baby pictures, high school photos and those embarrassing college snaps that you thought you burned! Relive your Rugby days or ladies your first highs school dance. A nice thing to do is to make a time capsule for your husband and have him open it in five years’ time for even more nostalgic moments in the future.

The night before your wedding everything is supposed to be in place and stress free, guys don’t be silly and disappear half way through the night and ladies no red puffy faces the next morning. You’ll have plenty of time to celebrate on your wedding day. Spent it with friends and family – don’t be selfish with yourself. Married life is spectacular but our friends are the family we got to get choose, they’ll keep you calm and reassured with pep talks and advice until the actual day you’ve been waiting for arrives.

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