When it comes to special occasions where everything from my shoes to my dress, make-up and hair had to be taken into consideration, I was always a little more excited about the last bit: getting my hair done by a professional. So for your wedding, make sure you discuss your needs with your hair professional, try new styles and definitely go for a trial session to see if the hair you ultimately choose fits your day perfectly.


But we all know it’s that simple to pick the perfect wedding hair style… in fact we as ladies probably take longer to decide on our hairstyle than the dress we’ll be wearing and the decision relies on months of paging through bridal magazines and poking around on Pinterest. Here are some tips that might just help you narrow down the right hair style.

1.Understand your hair

Having those thick celeb locks is possible now-a-days but consider something natural you can do to with your own hair, those special kinks and quirks are there for a reason so don’t brush them aside just yet. Rule number one is to use a stylist you know and trust, someone who has worked on your hair at least three times. They usually know how much blow-drying needs to be done or how to manipulate the little crown smack in the middle of your head. Which brings me to my second rule: listen to what they have to say, they usually know what works best for your hair type. Can it handle that extra squirt of Jensen violet or will it instantly make you go bald? (just kidding though). Don’t go trying to manipulate your hair into something it simply can’t do without the help of a ton of hairspray, it will just end up looking stiff and fake.



Would you consider yourself somewhat conservative and classy or trendy and daring? Whichever – choose a hair style that best suits you. From the hair colour to the tiny extra’s you place or hide in your curls, all of it should at least say something about you. There’s no reason why you should walk down the aisle and not be recognised by your future husband. If you are known for your classy style, then go for an elegant look – why change the women your fiancé fell in love with.

3.Shape and features of your face

If you have a long face like Live Tyler, wearing your hair long and down will only make your face look longer, consider taking your hair up but not too far up. Try to add fullness around your cheekbones and ears.

Round faces like that of Ginnifer Goodwin look fabulous in high updos. Avoid too much body and curls around your face as this can make your face even rounder. Also be cautious of too tight and slick styles.

If you have a square face like actress Cameron Diaz, try and pull your hair away from your face to smooth out your features. Try a soft and wispy style, parting your hair at the side can help make your face less angular.


Heart shaped faces like Reese Witherspoons’ should go for a style that creates a fuller look beneath your ears or if you have longer hair create fullness at the nape of your neck. A side parted swept fringe also works well to disguise the broadness of your forehead.

4.Your Dress

Remember that your hair has to tie your whole outfit together not compete with it. If your dress has a lot of detail from the waist up you might want to give your hair a slight lift in the form of an updo with soft curls. A dress elegant and simple deserves a style elegant and simple. A perfect example would be the duchess of Cambridge – a simple hairstyle and simple dress with a hint of detail at the top.  Look at factors such as an open back or even if you will be wearing a veil. Boobtube Gowns tend to come together nicely if you wear your hair down, but be careful of the jewellery you add to the ensemble which can make or break it.

5.Location, Location, Location

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” [Khalil Gibran]

The one thing that many women tend to forget to take into consideration is the climate or environment you’ll be getting married in. Tropical, hot or humid – try to think comfortable, you don’t want to be sweating your way down the aisle. Beach weddings tend to be a favourite and there’s nothing more glamorous than the wind playing with your hair, tie it up slightly if you think it might irritate you. Your stylist might also recommend some products and tips that might help hold everything together so these days there’s not much to worry about when it comes to making your hair work in harmony with its surroundings.

6.How will the evening proceed?

Some brides tend to have two styles for the whole ceremony and why not? Try to remember how the evening will play out; with dancing and laughing, maybe some champagne on the side. A smart way to go is starting down and working your way up, if not your hair will make pin marks. With the excitement growing you’ll also want be a little more comfortable. A “quick ghd tip” is to keep some pins and hairspray close by to tame any unwanted hairs.


The last tip might not be as foreign but just for in case, make sure you have everything planned out before the final day. Have some trail runs with your stylist and take a picture of your dress a long so that your stylist/hairdresser know what they’re working with.They’ve surely done this more than once so the input they have might be a valuable one. If you’re trying out extensions for the first time find out about the different types, clip-ins, Microbead hair extensions or Heat fusion hair extensions the list goes on and on though so the possibilities are endless.


Light, golden locks or silky, smooth, raven black, up or down how you choose to wear your hair all depends on you as an individual. Just do your hair justice and make sure it highlights all the perfect features of your face in the best way possible. The look on your grooms face will be worth it when you make your way down the aisle.

Images credit: weddingchicks.com ; buffalobrides.com ; weddingomania.com ; weddingbee.com