Once upon-a-time there was a beautiful banquet hall, filled with expensive china, chirping birds and happy little self-confidant bridesmaids. On one unfortunate day a ferocious creature entered the banquet hall bringing everything and everyone to turmoil and tears. The creature was later identified as: “Bridezilla”.

How do you know when your perfectly planned out fairy-tale is categorised as a nightmare in the eyes of your friends and family. Maybe it’s time to do some soul searching in order to mend relationships damaged by pre-wedding jitters. Are you currently a Bridezilla?

You eat, sleep, breathe wedding!

You can’t stop talking about the festive time. You’re excited – it’s good to be excited but not every little tiny detail is not about your wedding. As soon as you start prioritising wrong you know you might fit the Bridezilla bill, people will just start caring less about your event. You neglect work and start using your wedding as an excuse to walk over and take advantage of friends and certain situations. Life can’t stand still just because you’ve decided to tie the knot!

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Drill sergeant or bride?

Yes planning a wedding can be quite demanding but nothing has to be worked out to a tee. You might set unreasonable goals for your bridesmaids like losing 10 kg before the wedding ( if they “fail to comply” they’re easily replicable). Setting up a list of requirements for potential bakeries and florists or even treating your mother as if she was one of your squire soldier means you’re heading down a dark road. Try to stay in the light remember that everyone around you are human beings, not perfectly engineered robots

Drama Queen.

You might overreact when the tiniest thing goes wrong. Instead of asking nicely if the printing company can fix the font colour of your invitations from green to olive green you storm out, make a scene and evacuate the premises without paying. Things will go wrong – the sooner you learn how to handle conflict the right way the better the process will go. Don’t burst out in tears every time a door closes because a better one will open up.

You’re self-centred.

It might be your day but remember there are people taking part in it as well. Stuffing your bridesmaids in ugly dresses just to make you look prettier is no achievement and firing one because she might be pregnant doesn’t really scream bride of the year. Take people’s feelings into consideration. When a bridesmaid is worried about the cost of her dress – don’t just give her the boot, instead try and work out a solution.


Money, money, money.

When you’re mom starts starring around nervously with big wide eyes every time you pull out the family credit card, you know you’re in it much deeper than you anticipated. If you are fortunate enough to be in a position where money is no object then good for you but nobody likes a show off and a splurge. And if you have a budget then respect it, it’s not a case of “I spend what I want because I deserve the best”

The best or nothing.

You’ll pay attention to every tiny detail ensuring that everything is perfect if not it’s a case of “or else”. You might want to loosen the reins a little bit and let your wedding planner or maid of honour do some of the work you’ve assigned them to do don’t be a control freak and think you know better every time someone suggest something, they’re only trying to help.

They run when they see you coming.

The moment you realise your maid of honour, your mother and maybe even your fiancé have stopped answering their phones the sign should evolve into a realisation, people are taking the highway. Rather than being in your company they slam on the shutters and give you silent treatment, anything to avoid the wrath of Bridezilla.


Life during the aftermath.

Before you started planning your wedding you got along with everyone but your family and friends have all seemed to transform into insensitive jerks. News flash: it’s not them – it’s you. The damage has already been done but it’s never too late for kind words and sweet gestures. Just remind your group of friends that they are irreplaceable. You’ll need them in the end or else you’ll be left standing in your pretty little white dress clearing your reception tables all by your lonesome.

Photocredit: Pinterest, squirellpancake.blogspot.com, luvthebride.com