Clueless when it comes to what you and your hubby can do to get the perfect wedding photographs? There is quite a few things you can do to ensure that your photographer has only the best of what your wedding has to offer for your wedding photographs.

Getting beautiful wedding photos that is soft, romantic, dreamy and dramatic largely depends on where, how and when the photos are being taken. Follow these few tips to set the scene for beautiful wedding photographs.

1: Ensure your bridal preparation venue  and wedding venue is “light and airy” with loads of natural light. There is absolutely NO way a photographer can produce soft, and dreamy photographs in a dark room with limited natural light. Dark reception halls and preparation venues can make for more dramatic portraits, however make sure about the “look” you want your photographs to have and plan beforehand.


2: When choosing your accessories make sure that you don’t go over the top. Keep it classic and timeless, and if you want to be a little different, choose one element from your accessories to be a little daring. If you want to have just one daring element…try getting shoes that dazzle or wow! Shoes with colour/embellishments or interesting elements always is a show stopper. Here is a few Wedding Shoe Ideas.

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3: Make sure your wedding dress suit your body type, as well as that all the detail etc on the dress works well with your other accessories and hair style. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being dressed up in a dress that is ill fitting or accentuates your flaws etc. Believe me, making sure the way your dress looks and feels on you is really important. Make sure to go for fittings to take care of any issues that might arise. Here is a guide to getting the perfect wedding dress for your body-type.

4: Go for Make-up and Hair Trials!!!!! – There is a reason why I want to scream this from the rooftops. Having a “look” not work on the day can totally ruin the way you feel and see yourself. Make sure to try out hairstyles (not just one), and experiment with make-up looks to make sure you look your very best. Here is a few tips on choosing the prefect hair for your wedding.

5: When choosing your hairstyle for your wedding, make sure it will “fit” your day. If you are getting married during the windy season, make sure your hairstyle can handle wind, and not have you eating your hair during the photo shoot, or worse the style being totally ruined by wind damage.

6: Don’t skip the groom when it comes to accessorizing. There is nothing more handsome and stylish than a groom who has a few accessories and luxuries on the day. Get him those cufflinks and a designer suit. Clcik the link for more tips on how to treat the groom.


7: The Veil: There is nothing that completes the bridal look more than a veil. It does not have to be a traditional veil, however you can not go wrong with a interesting veil or head piece. Here is a few Great Veil Ideas.


8: Your wedding photo location – Make sure the venue you choose gives the photographer the opportunity to deliver photographs that has variety. There is nothing worse than only having one available spot to do all the photographs. Variety is key!

9: The time of day you get married certainly plays a huge roll in how your wedding photographs will look like. Morning or mid day light is much “harsher” than late afternoon light. The best time for wedding photographs is in the “magic hour” just before sunset. Try to plan your day around that, since that is when you most certainly will get the best light out of your day.

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10: Allow enough time for your photographs!! Remember to allow at least 1 hour (at the very least) for your wedding photographs to be taken. You don’t want a rushed session and definitely not a situation where the couple stresses about getting to their reception on time etc. I can not stress this enough!! Remember to be creative photographers need to also feel relaxed and know there is enough time to do the things they want, the way they want and how they want. You might be really disappointed in your final photographs if you do not allow your photographer to have enough time to work their magic.

Take care of your photographer. They have been running around capturing your memories the entire day. So make sure they also have something to drink or to eat and you will have a happy and energized photographer throughout the day.

Remember to have fun on your day and try to be relaxed!