What better way than to celebrate dad’s birthday with a family photo shoot.

With kids all over the globe, getting together for a family photo shoot was such a great idea.

We took to Campsbay Beach and had some fun!

Family_0001 Family_0002 Family_0003 Family_0005 Family_0004 Family_0006 Family_0007 Family_0013 Family_0014 Family_0012 Family_0010 Family_0008 Family_0009 Family_0017 Family_0015 Family_0016 Family_0018 Family_0019 Family_0020 Family_0022 Family_0024 Family_0021 Family_0025 Family_0028 Family_0029 Family_0030 Family_0032 Family_0033 Family_0031 Family_0026 Family_0027 Family_0034 Family_0035 Family_0037 Family_0038 Family_0036 Family_0039 Family_0040 Family_0041 Family_0042 Family_0043 Family_0044 Family_0045 Family_0046

Family_0055 Family_0054 Family_0053 Family_0052 Family_0051 Family_0050

Family_0047 Family_0048 Family_0049