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Tanya & Frikkie chose to have their wedding at Rozendal 401 in Stellenbosch on one of the hottest days in the Cape Town Summer to date…

Which in many ways was very fitting, as these two really are head over hills in love and the love and warmth these two have just radiates when they are together.

I had a fantastic time photographing their Engagement Photography Session recently, and by then it was clear that I was going to be in for a treat!

This wedding was one where not only the temperatures where running high, but the emotions where very close to the surface throughout the day.

Tanya’s dad looked so proud to have his daughter by his side.

If you want to know what a couple looks like that is totally in love with one another, adore one another and had an absolute blast on their wedding day…well you have found them.

Tanya & Frikkie, I wish you the very best! Stay the awesome couple that you are!

Service Providers:

Wedding Dress: Alana van Heerden

Wedding Venue: Rozendal 401

Photography & Video: Shireen Louw Photography

Decor/Stationary/Co’ordination: Marilise from Polkadot Weddings & Design


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